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A list of the new features and enhancements that Microsoft made to Microsoft Teams in January 2023 has now been made public by the firm. In this release, you will find the latest enhancements made for meetings and webinar experiences, updates to whiteboard capabilities, and more.


Here is a brief explanation of the new features and enhancements in case you are interested.


Unlock the Latest Microsoft Teams Update - January 2023 Features!
Unlock the Latest Microsoft Teams Update - January 2023 Features!


What's new and improved in Microsoft Teams?

Inside their LMS, teachers and students will have access to video recordings and attendance reports. The availability of these artifacts inside LMS has been enabled through the Microsoft Teams Meeting LTI app. All LMSs that support the Teams Meeting LTI app will include this functionality for users.


When there are more attendees' videos than can be displayed on the meeting stage at once while you are in the gallery view, navigation controls will appear below the video gallery so you can view more attendees' videos. The maximum number depends on your device's configuration and internet bandwidth. These settings allow you to see additional video participants.



Using the new Workplace Live app integration, live stream your Teams meetings or webinars directly to Meta Workplace Live. Through their Workplace groups, participants may now view meetings and webinars live or catch up later by watching recordings.


Recently, Microsoft Teams' Meeting toolbar received a usability boost! Your next meeting just got a little bit easier to navigate thanks to new features like dedicated buttons for raising hands and changing display modes.


You'll now notice a new layout and additional options when you choose the webinar template to personalize the registration information and settings unique to each event. Your webinar can be configured using the new administration experience.



Now you can select the webinar template to customize the registration information and settings particular to each event, You'll now notice a new look and more possibilities. You may set up your webinar using the new management interface.


Regardless of the age of the messages, when users search for a chat message in Teams and click on a message result, their search now displays the complete context of the discussions related to the result.


On Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS, hosts may now view attendance data for regular meetings or webinars. View information on webinar registrations, meeting start, and end timings, and much more.


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