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Top 7 Mic Tests Available Online

Discover the best online mic tests for superior audio quality. Check out our top 7 picks to ensure optimal sound for your recordings and live streams. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

You can check if your microphone is functioning properly with the help of Mic Test which is available online. Occasionally, while making an audio or video recording, you might not hear anything from the microphone.


If your Windows computer's microphone malfunctions, this problem will arise. So it's always a good idea to test your microphone before looking online for answers.


Top 7 Mic Test available Online
Top 7 Mic Tests Available Online


Listed below are the top 7 Mic Testers

1. Mic Tester

Mic Tester
Mic Tester


To start the test, click the "Test my mic" option of the Mic Tester, and then grant access to the pop-up menu that appears.


Test your microphone's performance by speaking into it. The testing screen will display sound waves if your microphone is functioning properly.



  • Free of Cost: The tool is available for free. Users can test their mic without paying anything at all.
  • Capture & Replay: You can record your voice using this tool, listen to the recording afterward, and decide if you like it.
  • Speedy & Trustworthy: If you properly follow the directions, you can complete the mic test in under 30 seconds.



2. Autocord



You don't need to install Autocord because it is a free tool for testing microphones and audio recording.


The software can be launched by simply double-clicking the installer file. Simply click the Start button to have Autocord test your microphone, and it will display the spikes on the graph.



  • Monitor: To test your microphone, choose this option.
  • Record: For audio recording, choose this option.
  • Playback: To play the captured audio, choose this mode. From your PC, you must choose the audio file.



3. Frequency Analyzer

One such free program to evaluate a microphone is Frequency Analyzer. It produces a combination of sine waves at various frequencies by examining the frame rate and frequency of the microphone input.


In this software, the sine waves are sampled using a process called fast Fourier Transforms.



  • Speed: Depending on your microphone testing technique, you can change the Fast Fourier Transforms' speed.
  • Sampling Frequency: This feature allows the user to choose the total number of measurements per second.
  • Points per transform: The number of points per morph can be chosen using this feature. The frequency that will be picked up from a microphone can be changed by adjusting the Points Per Transform.



4. Mic Test

Mic Test
Mic Test


Click the mic sign first, then your microphone is requested by a browser popup, click "Allow" to proceed with the Mic test. To see the real-time waveforms of the sound input received from your microphone, speak into it.



  • Simple Interface: Run the Mic test with a single click. There is no installation, download, or extension.
  • Free of Charge: The use of this microphone testing tool is free. No advertisements or additional costs.
  • Secured: The mic test tool is completely protected. During the Mic Test, nothing is uploaded or recorded.



5. Micworker



Just click the "Start Microphone Test" button to begin the test; no other software is required. Your web browser will be used to administer the exam.


You must pick the (Allow) option in the pop-up window to enable access to test the device. Anything you say should work if the waves dance.



  • Simple Usage: Simple UI that doesn't add extra steps to voice recording. Simple and effective.
  • Free of cost: There are no hidden costs, activation costs, or extra feature costs associated with the microphone test site.
  • Interactivity: You can tell the microphone is in good functioning order by looking at the sound wave on the screen.



6. Webcammictest

Webcam mic test
Webcam mic test


No additional software is required to start your microphone test. Simply click the "Check microphone" button, and then choose "Allow" in the pop-up window to grant access to your devices. The test will be performed online through your browser.



  • Showing a sound waveform: The ‘Microphone activity’ chart will show any sounds produced if the microphone is functioning properly.
  • Using speakers to play music: For the speakers to pick up your speech, you can slightly raise the volume.
  • Playing back recordings: Try recording and listening to the recorded sound to judge the microphone's quality.



7. Microphone Test

It is accessible from the official website. Select Microphone Test from the Audio drop-down box after browsing the webpage.


This free online microphone testing tool is easier to use than the other ones on this list. It shows the outcome as a waveform and frequency. The toggle button allows you to alternate between these two views.



  • Web-based: This microphone test is online and functions on any machine with a web browser.
  • Private: Your privacy is safeguarded throughout the microphone testing because no audio data is transmitted online.
  • No need to install any software: This mic tester is a web application that runs fully within your web browser.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the 5 types of microphones?

Ans: Dynamic Microphones, Large Diaphram Condensor Microphones, Small Diaphram, Condensor Microphones, Ribbon Microphones.

Q2. Which company mic is best?

Ans: There are many like Shure, Neumann, Rode, AKG, etc.

Q3. Which type of mic is best for vocals?

Ans: Cardioid condenser microphones are considered the best for studio vocals.

Q4. What makes a good microphone?

Ans: For a vocal mic, a device with a frequency response range of roughly 80 Hz to 15 kHz would be ideal.

Q5. What is the most popular microphone?

Ans: Shure SM57, Shure SM58, Neumann U 87, Neumann M 50, are some of the best.



If you are facing any problem with your microphone then you can test your Mic from these sites and make sure that it works successfully. So check out these tools as they are free and you don’t need to install any of the software.


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