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Why Is Front-End Development Important?

Discover the crucial role of front-end development in building modern websites and apps. Learn why user experience and accessibility matter. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

How do I make code and design work together? This a question that interests many entrepreneurs who intend to create a website. The answer in this case is very simple: find good front-end developers. Of course, we can help in this matter and provide a team of front end development services professionals with many years of experience. However, it's worth understanding what you're up against before contacting a professional.


Why Is Front-End Development Important?
Why Is Front-End Development Important?


What is frontend development?

Let's start with a simple but quite eloquent analogy. So, you've come to the theater to see your favorite performance. The performance begins, you look at the fanciful sets, admire the costumes and the actor's performance, and properly laid out light gives some mystery to the scene. That's what the front end is all about.


Everything else that the performance depends on (like makeup artists and sound guys who are behind the stage) but hidden from view is the backend. Now let's move away from the analogies and give a brief definition of the concept:



Front-end development is the work on the part of the site that the visitor sees and is constantly in contact with. What do you mean? Visiting the site you flip through the pages, consider the images, read the information, and intuitively understand where the information you need is (maybe you need a certain product, and you go to the catalog or need contact information and you scroll down the page).


In addition, you press buttons to send requests, which should be processed in the same second. So the backend is involved, which is responsible for processing the requests, transporting the responses, and much more. In other words, as we said before, it's the interaction between these two developments that makes the code and the design work together. As a result, you get a beautiful, clear, and functional resource, which becomes an indispensable tool for your business.



The main task of frontend development provides functional elements, such as a variety of icons and buttons. In addition, the front end deals with the work on the organic placement of sections with information, as well as visual elements and images.


Unfortunately, this kind of development requires some investment, because in order to solve all of the above tasks you need to involve some outside experts (such as designers, marketers, and even copywriters). Thus, the conclusion suggests itself: a professional team in the case of creating frontend development - it is a necessity.



Why is frontend development important?

We've already touched on this topic a little bit above, but let's break it down more substantively. After all, that's why we're here.


As mentioned above, this development is a block of different elements with which the visitor is constantly in contact with the site. A specialist who deals with it creates a kind of framework, which subsequently "dresses" all the subsequent functional elements. This is achieved by several methods. At least three programming languages are used:



  1. HTML, which is needed in order to spell out the specific places on the page, where all its elements will be located. In addition, with his help, also prescribe their interaction.
  2. CSS is needed to set the correct parameters for display by browsers of all the components of the pages of the site.
  3. JavaScript animates all components of the site. Meaning adjustment of the response from the server and the overall withdrawal of the site from the state of the template (layout).


We make an intermediate conclusion: the languages used by frontend development provide a user-friendly appearance of the resource and help all components of the site to interact properly.



In addition, the front end is constantly using JS libraries, which speeds up the developer's work on the tasks assigned to him. In addition, the use of previously created frameworks helps in the work. What does this mean? The front end in this case uses existing templates on which layers the rest of the resource.


In addition, this type of development always focuses on the client or the visitor. Agree that this is more than important. After all, the task of any development is to create a future positive user experience. This development takes into account all the preferences of the potential user, his "pains" to be closed, aesthetic preferences, and so on. And, the main feature is to show the person that the resource cares about him, that his problem is sure to be solved quickly.



And the last thing to say is that, among other things, the help of free-end development provides adaptability of the resource. That is, in the very beginning, even when the site is created, it provides the correct display of pages on any device. It does not matter if your site will be opened from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. And this is a big plus, which helps solve the mobility issue, which is relevant today.


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