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Microsoft has recently announced the release of a new update, build 114.0.1807.1, to the Dev channel. This update promises a range of new features and improvements, along with several bug fixes, making it a highly anticipated release among Microsoft users. Although the update is currently available only for desktop devices, mobile users can expect to receive the Dev update at a later date.


With this update, Microsoft aims to enhance user experience and provide seamless functionality across devices. In this article, we'll go through some of the key highlights of the latest update, along with an overview of the availability of the Workspaces consumer preview.


Microsoft Edge Dev Update: New Features, Bug Fixes, and Improvements in Build 114.0.1807.1
Microsoft Edge Dev Update: New Features, Bug Fixes, and Improvements in Build 114.0.1807.1


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 114.0.1807.1?

Microsoft has released a new update, build 114.0.1807.1, to the Dev channel, which brings several new features and improvements, along with a range of bug fixes. One of the key additions to the update is the CTRL + SHIFT + / shortcut for Sidebar auto-hide/always show. This feature allows users to easily switch between auto-hide and always show modes for the Sidebar.


The WebView2 feature in Microsoft Edge has also received an update, with the addition of an experimental Profile Autofill/Password Autosave feature. This feature aims to improve user experience by allowing them to autofill forms and save passwords across multiple devices, making browsing easier and more seamless.



Moreover, the update has also improved the reliability of the browser, with several bug fixes for Android and Enterprise devices. Microsoft has fixed the browser crash related to autofill in Android devices, along with the browser crash issue that occurred when resigning with an AAD account on Android.


The update also includes several changes to the behavior of the browser. Microsoft has fixed the Auto-hide sidebar button, which was not working previously, along with the Sidebar pane that was not rendering properly. Additionally, the company has also fixed the issue of pinned Collection, History, and Favorites pane not displaying correctly when Sidebar is set to auto-hide mode.



On iOS and Android devices, the update has fixed issues related to dark mode. The dark mode was not working in some sites on iOS devices, while on Android devices, dark mode caused some web pages to be blank. Microsoft has addressed both these issues, ensuring a more seamless experience for users.


The WebView2 feature has also received some fixes, including the CustomItemSelected event not firing for custom items and the PostSharedBufferToScript stopping after about 32000x1MB buffers are posted.



Lastly, the update has fixed the blank Profile preferences settings page on macOS, ensuring a seamless user experience for macOS users.


To summarize, this new update for Microsoft Edge brings several new features and improvements, along with several bug fixes that improve the reliability and functionality of the browser. These updates cater to a wide range of devices and aim to provide a more seamless and efficient browsing experience for all users.



How to download and install Microsoft Edge dev build 114.0.1807.1?

To download and install Microsoft Edge Dev Build 114.0.1807.1, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website at
  2. Scroll down to the "Dev Channel" section and click the "Download for Windows 10 / 11" button.
  3. Wait for the installer to download and then run it.
  4. In the installation wizard, choose your preferred settings and click "Install".
  5. Once the installation is complete, launch Microsoft Edge Dev, and the new build, 114.0.1807.1, will be installed and ready to use.


Note that the Dev channel releases of Microsoft Edge are intended for developers and early adopters, and may contain bugs and issues that could impact your browsing experience. It is recommended that you back up your data and use caution when installing and using pre-release software.


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