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In a rapidly evolving world driven by technological advancements, Microsoft Store is adapting to the changing landscape by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a vision to serve as more than just a platform for app and game downloads, Microsoft Store aims to educate and empower its customers.


Through the introduction of AI-driven features and curated content, the store intends to enhance user productivity, foster creativity, and enable users to explore new possibilities. These initiatives are designed to revolutionize the role of the Microsoft Store on Windows and create an engaging and informative experience for its users.


From AI Hub to Global Reach: Microsoft Store's Exciting AI Innovations Await
Discover the Microsoft Store's AI-driven Revolution


  • Microsoft Store is evolving to become more than just a platform for app downloads, aiming to educate and inspire users about the potential of AI.
  • The AI Hub, a curated section in the Microsoft Store, will feature the best AI experiences to boost productivity and creativity.
  • AI-Generated Review Summaries will condense customer reviews, simplifying the decision-making process for users.
  • AI-Generated Keywords and the ability to select multiple categories will enhance app discoverability in the Microsoft Store.
  • Microsoft Store Ads is expanding globally, providing developers with an effective advertising channel to reach customers in over 150 regions.





The AI Hub: Inspiring Users to Harness the Potential of AI

At the forefront of this transformative shift is the AI Hub, a new curated section within the Microsoft Store. This dedicated space showcased in the //BUILD/2023 conference is the best AI experiences developed by Microsoft and the broader developer community. The AI Hub aims to educate customers about starting and expanding their AI journey, inspiring them to leverage AI in their daily lives to boost productivity, ignite creativity, and unlock a multitude of possibilities.


Users will have access to a diverse range of AI-powered applications, such as Luminar Neo and Lensa for creative expression, Descript, Krisp, and Podcastle for mastering video and audio, Gamma and for presenting ideas, Kickresume for building resumes, for generating voices, and Tripnotes for travel planning.


To ensure the utmost safety and compatibility, all content will undergo rigorous testing for security, family-friendliness, and device compatibility. The AI Hub is set to debut in the Microsoft Store soon, offering users a gateway to the world of AI.



AI-Generated Review Summaries: Streamlining the User Experience

Recognizing the significance of customer reviews in the decision-making process, Microsoft Store introduces AI-Generated Review Summaries. This innovative feature condenses customer reviews into concise summaries, highlighting key details.


Particularly valuable for apps with thousands of reviews, this AI-driven capability aims to simplify the customer experience. Users can now gather community feedback swiftly and efficiently, saving time and effort.


The AI-Generated Review Summaries feature will soon be integrated into the Microsoft Store, further enhancing the user experience and aiding customers in making informed choices.



Microsoft Store AI-Generated Keywords: Enhancing App Discoverability

In an effort to bolster the discoverability of apps within the Microsoft Store, Microsoft plans to introduce a new developer tool in Partner Center. This tool harnesses the power of AI to generate and suggest Search Tags for apps.


By analyzing metadata and other relevant signals, this feature aims to optimize app visibility in search results. Additionally, based on popular demand, developers will soon have the ability to assign multiple categories to their apps, further expanding discoverability and enabling them to reach a broader audience. These enhancements seek to empower developers and increase their app's reach to more potential customers.



Expanding Reach with Microsoft Store Ads

Microsoft Store Ads has proven to be a successful channel for developers to increase app installations and boost engagement. Miracle Games, for instance, witnessed a remarkable 25% increase in app installs with a cost per install (CPI) that was 90% lower than other advertising channels.


Building on this success, Microsoft Store Ads will now be discoverable in search results, in addition to Microsoft Store search results. Developers can create Store Ads Campaigns in Microsoft Advertising to leverage this expanded advertising opportunity.


Moreover, a new Attribution Software Development Kit (SDK) for MSIX apps has been made available, with support for Win32 and PWAs coming soon. Furthermore, the spotlight section in the Microsoft Store will now feature-rich advertising, providing advertisers with a high-traffic platform that supports video ad formats.



Global Expansion and Enhanced Retention

To cater to advertisers with an international presence, Microsoft Store Ads will expand beyond the U.S. market and become available in more than 150 regions worldwide. This global expansion will enable advertisers to leverage Microsoft Store Ads to achieve their acquisition goals in diverse international markets.


In addition to advertising enhancements, Microsoft Store is also focused on addressing the challenge of user retention. Recognizing the importance of seamless app experiences across devices, Microsoft Store introduced a feature last year that allows customers to effortlessly transition their apps from one device to another.


This feature ensures that users can seamlessly continue their tasks and activities on different devices, promoting a consistent and uninterrupted user experience


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