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Microsoft has released the KB5026446 update for Windows 11 version 22H2, which comes in the form of Build 22621.1778. This update, currently available as a preview release, introduces several key improvements and addresses various issues to enhance the user experience.


To access this update, users will need to manually check for updates by navigating to the Windows 11 Update Settings page. Once there, they can grab the preview build and take advantage of the new features and bug fixes it offers.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 KB5026446 update
Windows 11 KB5026446 update (Preview)


Key highlights of Windows 11 KB5026446 update

One notable addition to this update is the integration of Microsoft OneDrive subscriptions. Users will now have access to the full storage capacity of their OneDrive subscriptions, with the total storage being displayed on the Accounts page in the Settings app. This improvement allows for a more streamlined and convenient file storage experience.


Additionally, the KB5026446 update introduces Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio support. For this feature to function, users' computers must support Bluetooth LE Audio. By pairing their computers with Bluetooth LE Audio earbuds and headphones, users can experience enhanced audio fidelity and improved battery life.



Furthermore, this update addresses several issues that have been affecting users. For instance, there is a fix for a problem with the Narrator feature, ensuring that it now correctly announces text attributes such as "misspelled," "deletion change," and "comment."


Another issue that has been resolved is related to accessing Tab settings for IE mode sites. Users can now navigate and customize these settings without any hindrances.


In addition, this update addresses a problem with the installation of certain multi-function label printers, ensuring a smooth installation process for affected devices.



Furthermore, users who have experienced audio playback failures on devices with specific processors will find relief with this update, as the issue has been resolved.


The touch keyboard has also received attention in this update. It addresses two separate issues: displaying the wrong layout for the French-Canadian language and occasionally failing to show the correct layout based on the current input scope. These fixes enhance the touch typing experience for affected users.


Lastly, the KB5026446 update resolves a search failure issue within the Emoji Panel for users of the Chinese and Japanese Input Method Editor (IME). Users can now search within the Emoji Panel with confidence, improving their ability to find the desired emojis.


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