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Microsoft Teams continues to enhance its meeting experience with the introduction of two new features that improve the captions functionality. Users can now toggle profanity filtering for Live Captions and Live Transcription, and customize their captions experience to suit their preferences. Let's take a quick look at it.


Introducing profanity filtering control and customization for captions in Microsoft Teams meetings
Elevate Your Meetings with Customizable Captions: Profanity Filtering and Personalization in Microsoft Teams


  • Users now have the ability to toggle profanity filtering for Live Captions and Live Transcription.
  • Microsoft Teams introduces various customization options for captions, including font color, caption panel height, position, and font size.
  • The layout of the captions window has been refined, with cleaner speaker attribution and captions.
  • Users can now view up to 3 lines of captions by default.
  • Teams Premium license holders can specify the spoken language for the meeting.



Profanity Filtering and Customizable Captions

Profanity Filtering Toggle

With the latest update, Microsoft Teams introduces a toggle that allows users to turn off profanity filtering for live captions. By disabling this feature, users can view live captions and transcriptions without any filtering or masking, displaying each word exactly as spoken.


By default, filtering is enabled, so users who wish to turn it off can do so from the captions and transcription tab in their user settings. It's important to note that this preference is specific to individual users and is not controlled by the meeting organizer or the tenant admin.



Improvements to the Caption Experience

In addition to the profanity filtering toggle, Microsoft Teams has made significant improvements to the captions experience, particularly in terms of customization options.


One noticeable change is the redesigned layout of the captions window located at the bottom of the meeting window. The speaker attribution and captions have been tidied up, with the full speaker name displayed above the captions they are associated with.


Moreover, the default number of lines displayed has been increased from 2 to 3, and users now have the option to expand the window to view additional lines of captions.



To further enhance the customization options, a settings button has been added to the top right corner of the caption window. Clicking on this button opens the new captions settings pane, which appears on the right side of the window. This pane offers various configuration options categorized into two sections.


The languages section enables users to specify the currently spoken language during the meeting. Teams Premium license holders can even choose their desired language for live translations.


The styles section provides users with four different styles to apply to their captions. This includes the ability to change the font color, adjust the height of the caption panel, modify its position, and alter the font size.



By adjusting the height and font sizes, users can gain up to an additional 3-4 lines of captions, maximizing the information displayed on their screens.


Additionally, Microsoft Teams has introduced the option to scroll up through the previous minute of captions that have been displayed in the caption panel. This proves to be particularly useful when users want to review or catch up on what was said in the most recent captions.


Lastly, the position of the caption panel can be configured to be either at the bottom or the top of the meeting view, allowing users to personalize their caption experience according to their preferences.




Both the profanity filtering toggle and the customization options for captions are now available on the desktop and web clients for commercial and GCC (Government Community Cloud) customers.


These new features are part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to provide a more inclusive and customizable experience for Microsoft Teams users during meetings. Whether it's toggling profanity filtering or tailoring the captions appearance, these enhancements aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of users, ensuring an accessible and user-friendly communication platform for all.


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