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Microsoft has announced the introduction of a new Settings homepage in the latest Windows 11 Insiders Preview Build 23493. This update, currently rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, aims to provide users with a dynamic and personalized experience while managing their devices and Microsoft accounts.


The redesigned Settings homepage offers an overview of the device, quick access to key settings, and streamlined management of the Microsoft account. With interactive cards representing different settings categories, Microsoft aims to make device and account management more efficient and user-friendly.


Simplify Device Management in Windows 11: Explore the Dynamic Settings Interface
Discover the Dynamic Settings Experience in Windows 11: Manage Your Device and Account with Ease


A Streamlined Approach to Settings Management

The revamped Settings homepage in Windows 11 introduces interactive cards that group commonly accessed device and account settings. These cards are designed to provide the most relevant information and controls at users' fingertips.


In the initial release, up to seven cards will be available, with more to come in future updates. The cards cover various aspects of settings management, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient user experience.



  1. Recommended settings: This card adapts to individual usage patterns, offering timely and relevant settings options to streamline management tasks and save time.
  2. Cloud storage: Users can easily monitor their cloud storage usage and receive notifications when nearing capacity, ensuring they never run out of space.
  3. Account recovery: Enhancing security, this card helps users add additional recovery information to their Microsoft accounts, safeguarding against potential lockouts even if they forget their passwords.
  4. Personalization: This card puts customization in the spotlight, offering one-click access to update background themes and change color modes, allowing users to personalize their Windows 11 experience.
  1. Microsoft 365: Users can quickly check their subscription status and benefits, as well as perform key actions directly within Settings instead of navigating to the web.
  2. Xbox: Similar to the Microsoft 365 card, this card provides an overview of Xbox subscription status and management options directly within the Settings app.
  3. Bluetooth Devices: To simplify Bluetooth device management, this card brings Bluetooth settings to the forefront, enabling quick access and seamless connections with favorite devices.



Enhanced User Experience and Adaptability

The new Settings homepage not only provides a convenient landing page but also evolves and learns with each user's preferences and usage patterns. As users interact with their devices, the homepage adjusts to offer the most relevant and useful information.


This adaptive approach ensures that users can effortlessly manage their devices and accounts while benefiting from a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs.


Availability and Future Plans

It is important to note that this enhanced Settings homepage experience will be exclusive to Windows 11 Home and Pro editions and will not be available on devices managed by organizations. Microsoft plans to monitor user feedback and evaluate the performance and reception of the feature before making it available to all users.



To sum up

Microsoft's introduction of the new Settings homepage in Windows 11 Insiders Preview Build 23493 showcases the company's commitment to improving user experience and efficiency in settings management. The interactive cards provide quick access to commonly used settings, allowing users to streamline tasks and save time.


With its adaptive nature, the homepage evolves alongside users' preferences and usage patterns, providing relevant and personalized information. Windows 11 users can look forward to a more intuitive and user-friendly settings management experience, making device and account management seamless and efficient.


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