Microsoft, as of its latest release, continues to shape the future of Windows. The technology giant recently introduced Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25915 to the Canary Channel, which brings several new features initially launched in the Dev Channel.


This comes alongside a reminder that a major Bug Bash is scheduled for August 2023, engaging insiders across all channels – Canary, Dev, and Beta – in improving the functionality of these upcoming features.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25915?
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25915



What's new and improved in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25915?

The Build 25915 introduces several enticing features, like the modernized File Explorer Home, Address Bar, and Details Pane. This refreshingly new architecture aims to provide users with an enhanced, user-friendly experience.


The build also includes passwordless improvements, such as a passkey feature for added security. Furthermore, there's a 'never combined mode' on the taskbar, which allows you to view each application in the taskbar separately, enhancing multitasking capabilities and organization.



One significant change includes making the new Outlook for Windows an inbox app. This change ensures that users can conveniently connect their work and personal emails, calendars, and contacts in one secure location.


This move positions Outlook as a primary communication hub within the Windows environment, and Microsoft encourages users to explore the new Outlook's most recent updates and features.


Changes and improvements in graphics have also been made. The refresh rate logic has been improved, permitting different monitors to use different refresh rates based on the content shown on the screen and each monitor's unique refresh rate. This improvement aims to optimize refresh rate-dependent multitasking, like simultaneous gaming and video watching.



While the Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) is selected, and Battery Saver is enabled, Windows will stay at the lower refresh rate. The system will only switch to a higher rate once the Battery Saver mode is disabled, preserving battery life while still ensuring a smooth user experience.


In addition to the exciting new features and changes, Microsoft has resolved a few known issues. These fixes include resolving an issue that previously resulted in some Windows Insiders in the Canary Channel on ASUS devices or PCs with ASUS motherboards from receiving this flight.


This problem's resolution ensures that these insiders will receive future flight updates.



The new build also rectifies an issue where Ethernet-connected devices lost network connectivity after updating, ensuring that users can stay connected post-update.


Microsoft reminds users that Canary Channel builds are 'hot off the presses,' and will only document the most significant and highly impactful known issues. Not every flight will have a blog post; only when new features are introduced will a blog post be published.



Stay tuned for the upcoming August 2023 Bug Bash, which will involve a comprehensive review of these features and more details will be shared in next week's flight blog posts. As always, Microsoft encourages its user community's active participation in shaping the future of Windows.


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