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Microsoft has announced a fresh update for Insiders, releasing the first 117 build, version 117.0.2007.0 to the Dev Channel. This update comes packed with bug fixes, reliability improvements, and new features, further enhancing the software’s overall performance and user experience. Here’s a detailed look at the changes included in this latest build.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 117.0.2007.0?
Microsoft Edge 117 (Dev Build)


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 117.0.2007.0?

New Features Added

For WebView2, Microsoft has introduced an experimental Extension API and an experimental Frame Process info API. These additions will likely facilitate more extensive and robust customization of the WebView2 process, enabling developers to create more sophisticated and user-friendly applications.


The Enterprise sector witnesses a new policy addition: the PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton Policy. This feature is expected to provide greater control and customization over browser toolbars. However, Microsoft noted that updates to documentation and administrative templates regarding this policy may not have been finalized yet.



Improved Reliability

A series of reliability enhancements have been implemented in this build, mainly focusing on resolving browser crash scenarios. Users who have been experiencing crashes when playing videos, submitting feedback, launching the browser, clicking on Open in Microsoft Edge from PWA, using the Sidebar Search pane, Autofill, or visiting certain websites, should find these issues resolved. Linux users who've encountered browser crashes when using a microphone on a website will also see a fix with this update.



Changed Behavior

This update also features modifications in several areas that had been causing problems. The last workspace opening when joining a new workspace, old workspaces not loading, blank page display in Workspaces, a blank edge://flags page, sync issue "Connection failed(-2)", Pin to taskbar pinning the left window tab when using Split screen, Dev tools opening only in the left window tab when using Split screen, and issues with the Speaker icon displaying in red on tabs have all been addressed.


Moreover, zoom not working in PWA, and the occurrence of STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when visiting certain websites, the browser launches in tablet mode while the computer is in desktop mode on certain devices, and Text prediction deleting empty spaces and new lines are all rectified.



Linux users will see an improved user interface with a fix to the overlay of close, minimize, and maximize buttons on the user profile picture. MacOS users, on the other hand, will be pleased to see that vertical tabs now work on full screen. For iOS users, the previously faulty translation functionality has now been fixed.


Finally, several fixes have been made to WebView2. These include remedies for configuration options not being valid in PDF preview mode, missing toolbar items, a persistent context menu in the Print dialog, the UWP WebView2 size shrinking on extended displays, and forms not displaying in the foreground in the beta runtime.



This update promises to deliver a more seamless and reliable user experience across the platform. Microsoft has indeed placed a significant emphasis on improving reliability and performance, making sure users have less downtime and a more productive experience.


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