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If you're like me and have been waiting eagerly for the newest tweaks and features in Microsoft Edge, then today's your day! Microsoft's just announced their latest Edge Dev Build 117.0.2024.1 for the Edge Insiders, and we do have some neat stuff to discuss. Here's a dive into what this new update brings to the table.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 117.0.2024.1?
Microsoft Edge Dev Build 117.0.2024.1


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 117.0.2024.1?

New Features to Enhance Your Browsing Experience

Swiping Easier with Touch Mode

First of all, for all you touch screen aficionados, the new 'Touch Mode' in the Appearance setting is a game-changer. It's like Microsoft finally realized just how many of us swipe and tap our way through the web, and they're making it even more fun and fluid.



Improvements in Reliability

A Breath of Relief for iOS Users

Speaking of smooth, all my fellow iOS users who've been grumbling about that annoying crash when diving into the Password Manager page - guess what? It's fixed! Kudos to Microsoft for catching that one and making our browsing crash-free.


Tweaks and Fixes for a Seamless Experience

Little Tweaks Making Big Differences

You know those tiny irritations that don't break your browsing experience but do manage to pinch? Like seeing two close buttons on tabs or that mysteriously blank Passwords settings page? Yeah, Microsoft's been listening, and they've sorted these out. Also, shoutout to my Android buddies – if your device behaved oddly with those high refresh rates, this build's got a fix for you.



Enterprise and the macOS Dance

For the business-minded and enterprise folks, if you've been tearing your hair out over that tricky Single Sign-On (SSO) issue or getting baffled by the PERSISTENT_ERROR, EDGE_AUTH_ERROR codes on your macOS, take a breather. They've ironed these out, too.


Waking Up to WebView2 Fixes

Lastly, for the tech-savvy among us using WebView2, there was that niggling display hiccup whenever our computers woke up from their beauty sleep. Good news: it's now sorted in the latest build.



Final Thoughts!

This new Edge build feels like a refreshing chat over coffee with Microsoft where they've listened, nodded, and then rolled up their sleeves to make our online journeys smoother. If you're an Edge Insider, you're in for a treat. And for the rest? These cool updates will be at your fingertips soon! Keep browsing, and here's to smoother digital adventures. Cheers!


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