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Microsoft's journey to refine and enhance the Windows 11 experience continues with the release of Insider Preview Build 23521 to the Dev Channel. The latest update brings a collection of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to elevate the Windows 11 user experience to new heights.


Let's take a deep dive to unwrap what's packed inside this goodie bag. Continue reading further and don't forget to reshare it in your social network.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 23521?
Windows 11 (Dev) Insider Preview Build 23521


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 23521?

Seamless Transition Between Cloud PC and Local PC

Ever dreamt of moving between a Cloud PC and your trusty old local desktop without a hitch? With the new Windows 365 Switch, it's almost like magic.


Whether you're a keyboard-command kind of person or a simple swiper, the Task View on the Windows 11 taskbar has got you covered. It's like having the best of both worlds without breaking a sweat.



Windows Copilot Integration for AAD Users

Windows Copilot, a feature designed to assist users in various tasks and processes, is now directly accessible to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel who are managed by AAD (Azure Active Directory), soon to be known as Microsoft Entra ID.


This integration eliminates the need for users to enable Windows Copilot through Group Policy Editor, streamlining the experience and making the assistance feature more readily available.



Taskbar and System Tray Enhancements

To simplify the process of enabling never combined mode on the taskbar, Microsoft has refined the settings in this release. The "Combine taskbar buttons and hide labels" option now provides a straightforward toggle for enabling never combined mode, enhancing the taskbar customization experience.


Additionally, users with multiple monitors will appreciate the introduction of a separate setting to enable never combined mode on other taskbars, catering to diverse usage scenarios.



Set The Mood Right with Dynamic Lighting

Windows 11's Dynamic Lighting feature receives a boost in this release. Users can now effortlessly synchronize their Windows accent color with surrounding devices through the "Match my Windows accent color" toggle under "Effects" in Dynamic Lighting settings.


This functionality adds a level of aesthetic continuity to users' computing environments, making customization more engaging and immersive.



Task Manager Got a Makeover

Windows 11's Task Manager settings page now aligns with the design principles of the operating system. The updated design follows the clean and modern look seen throughout Windows 11's interface, with categories neatly organized into separate sections.


This redesign aims to enhance user interaction and accessibility within Task Manager, providing a cohesive experience within the operating system.



Spotlight, Camera, Action!

Windows Spotlight, the feature that provides visually captivating lock screen images, receives a tweak in this release. After performing an OS update, users may find Windows Spotlight enabled, particularly when using default backgrounds or solid colors.


However, if users prefer not to use Windows Spotlight, they can now turn it off. This update ensures that Windows Spotlight remains user-friendly and respects users' preferences.



Enhanced Web Content Integration with Search on the Taskbar

Windows Search receives a functional enhancement in this release. Windows Search now employs the Microsoft Bing Search app to deliver web content and search results directly within the Windows Search interface.


This change is especially relevant for users in the European Economic Area (EEA), where Microsoft Store apps that implement a web search provider can also return web content and search results via Windows Search settings.



Consent and Data Sharing Improvements

For users in the European Economic Area (EEA), Windows will now require consent before sharing data between the operating system and other Microsoft services. This change ensures greater transparency and control over data sharing, with Windows features checking for consent and respecting user choices.


Without proper consent, some functionality may be restricted to maintain user privacy.



Bug Fixes for Enhanced Reliability

The Insider Preview Build 23521 also addresses a range of bug fixes, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of Windows 11. Notable fixes include improvements to File Explorer, Taskbar and System Tray behavior, HDR backgrounds, and more.


Microsoft's commitment to refining the Windows 11 experience extends to resolving issues that impact usability and user satisfaction.



Wrap Up

In a nutshell, this latest Windows 11 update is like that sprinkle of extra cheese on your pizza – making everything better. Whether you're a tech guru or just love a smoother experience, there's something for everyone.


With features like Windows 365 Switch, Taskbar enhancements, and streamlined settings, users can anticipate a more intuitive and efficient computing experience. The integration of user feedback and the commitment to bug fixes highlight Microsoft's ongoing efforts to shape Windows 11 into a platform that meets the needs of modern users.


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