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Do you need video marketing for your company? You won't have any trouble responding to this question if you are conversant with contemporary marketing trends. Yes, having a strong animation video marketing plan for firms in 2023 will be crucial.


How Animated Video Boosts Business Engagement in Tech?


Best Use Cases for Video Marketing

Let’s have a look at some types of animated videos you can order from to enhance engagement in your tech business.


Video Marketing

When considering video marketing, video advertising is the first thing that springs to mind. A successful, appealing video commercial may quickly bring in a ton of new clients, retarget current clients, and reawaken users who have momentarily stopped using the product.


In this day and age, it is impossible to deny the reality that animation video may deliver a message more effectively than mere visual or auditory pictures. You may advertise on videos on every major social media network, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.



Explanatory animation

An explainer video is a quick marketing clip that succinctly and persuasively explains the concept and distinguishing characteristics of your company. Companies like to produce animated explainer films frequently because they are effective at grabbing viewers' attention and are capable of providing both entertainment and instruction.


Given that putting a video on your landing page is reported to enhance conversions by 80%, it would be a great idea to include an explanatory video on your product website.


The advantages of using video in your company's marketing plan outweigh the drawbacks. Regardless of the use case you decide on, keep in mind that your video should always be pertinent to your audience and communicate the main message of your company.


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