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Microsoft has released Edge 120.0.2171.1 in the Dev Channel to deliver an efficient, secure, and user-friendly web experience. Designed to give Insiders a firsthand look at what's next, this update not only addresses bugs and enhances overall performance but introduces a slew of innovative features.


From sharper UI responsiveness to a streamlined workspace creation process, improved malware safeguards, and more, this iteration of Edge promises a richer browsing experience for users. Dive with us into a detailed exploration of what the new Microsoft Edge update brings to the table.


Unveiling Edge 120.0.2171.1: Microsoft's Latest Browser Innovations
Step into the Future: Features & Fixes in Edge's New Release


  • Microsoft has optimized UI responsiveness, especially for favorites and history.
  • A major addition is the malware scanning process via SmartScreen.
  • For iOS users, an MSA login check has been introduced.
  • Addressing reliability, several crash issues have been rectified across platforms.
  • A number of bugs affecting the browser's behavior have been ironed out.



What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge 120.0.2171.1?

Added features:

  • Added UI responsiveness for favorites and history.
  • Added one click treatment to workspaces 'create new' button.
  • Added malware scanning process via SmartScreen on the files received from "Upload from mobile".
  • iOS: Added MSA login check to rewards setting entry.

Improved reliability:

  • Fixed a crash caused by Bing chat auto open.
  • Android: Fixed crash due to Password Migration.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed a crash when clicking tab center "+" icon.
    • Fixed a crash when clicking the edit button on password detail page.

Changed behavior:

  • Fixed a bug where navigating to edge://flags page was rendering blank.
  • Fixed a bug when unable to switch folder in Favorites bar.
  • Fixed a bug where collaborator opening a new tab changes active tab for other users in workspaces.
  • Fixed a bug where the favorite editing page button does not respond in Edge Bar mode.
  • Fixed a bug to hide the search bar button from the windows taskbar.
  • Fixed autofill import issue.
  • Fixed an issue where 'opening workspace/creating new workspace' popup is continuously loading when user restarts the browser from settings.
  • MacOS:
    • Fixed a bug when the size of refresh icon is smaller on Expired QR code.
    • Fixed a bug where can't resize split screen on full screen mode.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed a bug where the new tab cannot be used on long pressing tab icon when privacy mode is disabled.
    • Fixed a bug when Bing chat refreshes too frequently.
  • Android:
    • Fixed an issue when the Bing icon appears in the upper right corner of NTP.
    • Fixed a bug when personalization page does not display content.


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