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Microsoft Edge has always been on the frontier of browser innovation, and its latest update to the Dev Channel is no exception. The release of Microsoft Edge Build 120.0.2165.1 promises a slew of improvements, bug fixes, and new features to enhance the user experience. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Build 120.0.2165.1?
Microsoft Edge Build 120.0.2165.1


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Build 120.0.2165.1?

1. New Additions

Several new features have been incorporated in this update to elevate your browsing experience:

  • PDF Toolbar Extension: An API has been added to the extension, allowing users to toggle the translate option on the PDF toolbar. This is particularly useful for users who frequently interact with documents in multiple languages.
  • Tab Strip View Enhancement: For those who multitask with several tabs, you'll notice a refined rounded border around the tab strip view in the auto grouping suggestions bubble.
  • Sign-in Requirement: In a move to enhance security, users now need to sign in before they can upload from their phones.
  • Location Bar Update: A new 'share page action view' has been added to the location bar, making page-sharing more accessible.
  • Notifications: Users will now receive nurturing notifications to inform them about the success or failure of their one-time import from the FRE screen.



2. Reliability Improvements

Microsoft has worked diligently to resolve some of the previous issues users faced:

  • Crash Fixes: Solutions have been implemented for various crash scenarios, such as the split tab restore crash, crashes related to account transfer while calling Google Play services, and crashes experienced on different platforms like Mac and iOS due to various reasons.
  • Enhanced Startup: The extraneous browser window that previously popped up when opening a workspace on startup has now been eliminated.
  • Android & Mac Fixes: Microsoft addressed the 'discover first session cookie issue', improved the 'refresh discover logic' for Android, and resolved the program crash on the WebView2 Mac sample when clicking cmd + w.



3. Behavior Changes

Several behavioral improvements promise a more seamless browsing experience:

  • UI Fixes: Bugs that affected the display of the EM toggle and VPN toggle, especially when enabled in Arabic, have been rectified.
  • Edge Chat Rebranding: Edge chat is now rebranded to 'Copilot' in FRE, offering a fresh interface to users.
  • Widevine Update: Widevine, the plugin used for encrypted media, has been updated to version 4.10.2710.0.
  • Cookie Management: Microsoft addressed multiple cookie-related issues, including the repeated reimporting of cookies and bugs associated with merge logic.
  • Workspace & Favorites Enhancements: A more intuitive interface awaits users, with bugs related to suggestions pop-up in workspaces and folder naming in favorites rectified.



End Notes

Microsoft continues to invest in refining and expanding Edge’s capabilities, making it a formidable choice for users seeking a reliable and feature-packed browser. As always, those on the Dev Channel will have the first experience of these enhancements, providing valuable feedback for the final polished version.


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