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In today's academic environment, staying ahead of the curve means being on the lookout for tools and tips that can streamline your studies and enhance productivity. As a powerhouse of features, Mac has some hidden gems that can help you be more efficient.


You might already be familiar with the standard functions of your Mac, but did you know there are several lesser-known features that could significantly improve your academic game?


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6 Lesser-Known Mac Features That Can Boost Your Academic Productivity
Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash



6 Hidden Mac Features Every Student Should Use

1. Use Smart Folders for Organization

Smart Folders in Finder are a hidden gem for students who deal with numerous documents and files. Unlike regular folders, Smart Folders automatically organize your files based on custom criteria you set. For instance, you can create:

  • Course-Specific Collection: Automatically group all files related to a specific course.
  • Date-Based Organization: Sort files by creation or modification date for timely access.
  • Keyword Sorting: Organize documents by keywords in their content or title.
  • File Type Segregation: Separate notes, PDFs, and multimedia files for easy study.
  • Project Management: Gather all files pertaining to a particular research project or assignment.


An example of a real-life application? Create a Smart Folder named "Current Assignments" that automatically collects all documents modified in the last seven days. This way, you always have quick access to the files you're currently working on.



2. Customize Your Touch Bar for Quick Access

The Touch Bar on newer Mac models is like a secret weapon for productivity. Instead of settling for the default settings, customize it to suit your academic needs. Imagine having instant access to your most-used tools, whether it's a quick calculator for math problems or a shortcut to your favorite note-taking app. This level of personalization means less time fumbling through menus and more time focused on your studies.


Not only does the Touch Bar offer shortcuts, but it also adapts to the application you're using. For instance, if you're working on a presentation in Keynote, it can display slide controls, making your workflow smoother and more intuitive.



3. Master Multiple Desktops for Organized Study Sessions

The ability to use multiple desktops on a Mac is like having a virtual, unlimited study table. One desktop can be dedicated to research, another to writing, and a third to communication or leisure. This separation helps you focus on the task at hand without the distraction of unrelated tabs and applications.


Switching between desktops is easy and intuitive, allowing you to move from one project to another seamlessly. This feature is especially helpful during exam season when you need to compartmentalize different subjects and materials.



4. Make Text Clippings for Quick Note Reference

Text Clipping is a feature often overlooked but extremely useful for students. By simply dragging and dropping selected text from any document or website to your desktop or a folder, you create a 'Text Clipping' file. This file acts as a quick reference note that you can open with a double-click. It's perfect for capturing snippets of information, quotes, or references that you want to quickly access or insert into your assignments later.


While researching for a paper, drag important facts or quotes as Text Clippings into a designated folder. Later, you can easily access these clippings when you start writing your paper, streamlining the research process.


6 Lesser-Known Mac Features That Can Boost Your Academic Productivity
Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash



5. Take Advantage of the Preview App for PDFs

The Preview app, often underestimated, is a powerhouse for handling PDFs. Annotate research papers, add notes to lecture slides, or highlight important sections in your textbooks. These tools make it easier to refer back to key points during revision or when writing papers.


Preview also allows you to merge PDFs, which is incredibly handy when consolidating notes or creating study guides. Along with the ability to add your signature to documents, this feature makes Preview an essential tool for managing your academic documents.



6. Explore Automator for Routine Tasks

Using Automator is like having a personal assistant for your Mac. It automates repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort. You can set various workflows, for example:

  • Batch-rename files according to date, topic, or class for easy retrieval.
  • Create a workflow to send out custom automatic replies to your college email, informing senders of your unavailability.
  • Convert multiple documents into PDFs simultaneously.
  • Set up a schedule to automatically back up your important academic folders to an external drive or cloud service.
  • Automatically adjust the size and format of images for presentations or papers.


Experimenting with Automator might take a bit of time initially, but once you've set up your workflows, the time savings are significant.




By exploring and utilizing these lesser-known Mac features, you can significantly enhance your academic productivity. Each of these tools offers unique benefits that, when combined, provide a comprehensive suite of aids to streamline your study processes, organize your academic life, and ultimately give you more time to focus on what matters most in your college journey.


Besides, don't forget that when you're grappling with tight deadlines or complex assignments, seeking help from the best essay writing service can be a smart move. So, take some time to experiment with these features, find what works best for you, and watch as your productivity reaches new heights.


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