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Microsoft recently rolled out a significant update to its Edge Dev Channel, bringing the version to 122.0.2348.0. This update is packed with numerous fixes to improve reliability and refine the overall user experience.


In this article, we'll delve into the highlights of the latest update, exploring the resolved issues and changed behaviors that users can expect.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 122.0.2348.0?
Microsoft Edge Dev Channel Update 122.0.2348.0



  • Microsoft Edge's latest Dev Channel update (v122.0.2348.0) focuses on enhancing reliability and user experience.
  • Critical issues like browser crashes in the first run and PDF interactions have been addressed.
  • Webpage interaction improvements include fixes for the Learning Toolkit page and dark mode issues with the Bing web theme.
  • Multimedia playback problems, including YouTube's 'Audio Renderer Error,' have been successfully resolved.
  • The update also brings design enhancements, and fixes platform-specific issues on Android and iOS, contributing to a refined browsing experience.



What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 122.0.2348.0?

Enhanced Reliability

One of the key focuses of the 122.0.2348.0 update is improving the browser's reliability. Several critical issues have been addressed to ensure a smoother browsing experience for users. Some notable fixes include resolving browser crashes in the first run experience and when interacting with PDFs.


Additionally, the update addresses a crash issue related to clicking on folders in the favorites bar for the workspace and another one occurring when closing the last tab in InPrivate mode.



Improved Stability in Webpage Interactions

A significant aspect of the update is the resolution of issues related to specific web page interactions. Users can now navigate the Learning Toolkit page without encountering a blank screen. The Bing web theme seamlessly switches to dark mode on the desktop, enhancing visual comfort.


Furthermore, problems with the preview screen of widgets in dark mode and rendering issues with the third-party cookies toggle button have been successfully resolved.


Addressing Multimedia Playback and YouTube Issues

The update tackles various multimedia-related problems, ensuring a smoother streaming experience. A particularly noteworthy fix is related to YouTube videos, where an 'Audio Renderer Error' would prevent playback, requiring a computer restart. Now, users can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming without the need for a system restart.



User Interface and Design Improvements

Several changes have been made to enhance the overall design and user interface. Duplicate headers on the shopping panel and issues with the focus shifting in split-screen mode have been successfully resolved. Additionally, problems with the visibility of the "Close" button's color on the Developer options page in dark mode have been fixed, contributing to a more cohesive visual experience.


Platform-Specific Resolutions

The Edge Dev Channel update extends its improvements to mobile platforms. Android users will now experience the Dark mode setting correctly applied to the Drop page. On iOS, a bug causing the disappearance of bottom buttons in the tab center has been addressed, ensuring a more seamless browsing experience for Apple device users.



End Notes

Microsoft continues to prioritize user feedback and experience with regular updates to the Edge Dev Channel. The 122.0.2348.0 update stands out for its comprehensive approach to stability, reliability, and user interface improvements. As users continue to explore the evolving features of Microsoft Edge, these updates contribute to a more refined and enjoyable browsing experience.


To explore the full details of the changes, users can refer to the official Microsoft blog post titled "Bringing the full power of Copilot to more people and businesses".


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