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Microsoft has just rolled out an exciting update to its PowerToys suite, introducing version 0.77.0 with a plethora of new features and improvements. This release brings enhanced functionality, bug fixes, and an overall smoother user experience. Let's delve into the highlights of this latest PowerToys iteration.


PowerToys 0.77.0 Unleashed: Command Not Found, Keyboard Boost, and More!
Microsoft's PowerToys version 0.77.0



  • introduces an update packed with new features and fixes for enhanced user experience.
  • A valuable addition that detects failed commands and suggests winget packages.
  • Improved snapping, enhanced plugin support, and UI refinements for a seamless experience.
  • With configurable font sizes, added symbols, and plugin support, PowerToys 0.77.0 empowers users to tailor their Windows experience.
  • Hotfixes, stability improvements, and UI enhancements address various issues for smoother operations.



New Features and Improvements

  1. Command Not Found PowerShell 7.4 Module:
    One of the standout additions is the new Command Not Found PowerShell 7.4 module. This utility enhances PowerShell 7.4 by detecting failed commands and suggesting the installation of relevant packages using winget. Kudos to @carlos-zamora for this valuable contribution.
  2. Keyboard Manager Enhancements:
    The Keyboard Manager now avoids registering low-level hooks when there are no remappings, streamlining its performance.
  3. Peek Gets QOI File Type Support:
    Peek now supports the QOI file type, thanks to the contribution from @pedrolamas. This enhancement enriches the file preview experience within PowerToys.
  4. PowerToys Run Plugin Support:
    The PowerToys Run feature has received notable upgrades, including the ability to load 3rd-party plugins with additional dependencies, thanks to @coreyH. This allows users to customize their PowerToys Run experience further.



Known Issues

While this update brings a host of improvements, there are some known issues worth noting. Incompatibilities between Command Not Found and certain PowerShell configurations are acknowledged. Users can find more details on this in the #30818 issue.



General Fixes and Enhancements

  1. WPF-UI Package Version Bump:
    A crucial hotfix in version 0.77.0 involves bumping the WPF-UI package version to address crashes related to theme changes.
  2. AlwaysOnTop Notifications:
    Users will now receive notifications when an elevated app is in the foreground while AlwaysOnTop is running non-elevated, ensuring a seamless experience.
  3. Environment Variables Window Fix:
    An issue causing the Environment Variables window not to appear as a foreground window has been resolved.
  4. FancyZones Improvements:
    Several fixes have been implemented in FancyZones, including addressing snapping issues with specific apps and improving the behavior of moving newly created windows to the currently active monitor.
  5. File Explorer Add-Ons Updates:
    The File Explorer add-ons have been fine-tuned to resolve issues with WebView2-based previewers caused by the latest WebView update.
  1. Hosts File Editor Stability:
    Stability improvements include fixing settings preservation issues in the Hosts File Editor upon updating.
  2. Image Resizer Crash Fix:
    The Image Resizer has received a hotfix to address crashes caused by WpfUI ThemeWatcher.
  3. Keyboard Manager Refinements:
    The Keyboard Manager now ensures it doesn't register a low-level hook when there are no remappings, contributing to a more efficient experience.
  4. PowerToys Run UI and Functionality Enhancements:
    Numerous UI and functionality improvements have been made to PowerToys Run, ranging from fixing search box UI glitches to enhancing the display of plugin hints and introducing configurable font sizes.
  5. Quick Accent and Settings Updates:
    Quick Accent now includes additional mathematical symbols and various settings-related improvements have been made, ensuring a smoother overall experience.



Microsoft's commitment to enhancing user experience is evident in PowerToys version 0.77.0. With many new features, improvements, and bug fixes, this release solidifies PowerToys as a powerful and customizable utility for Windows users. To explore these exciting updates, users can download the latest version and take advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered by PowerToys.


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