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Microsoft PowerToys, the set of utilities designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for Windows users, has just received a significant update. The latest release of PowerToys (version 0.79.0) for Windows brings a plethora of new features, improvements, and bug fixes aimed at streamlining various tasks and workflows. Let's delve into some of the key highlights and enhancements introduced in this update.


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.79.0?
Maximizing Your Windows Experience: A Look at PowerToys' Latest Release



  • Microsoft PowerToys receives a major update with a redesigned Color Picker and enhanced Keyboard Manager.
  • Keyboard Manager now supports shortcuts for starting applications, and opening URIs, and chords, thanks to community contributions.
  • Color Picker undergoes a modernization, adhering to Fluent UX principles and offering telemetry control.
  • Various utilities including File Explorer add-ons, FancyZones, and Image Resizer receive improvements and bug fixes for enhanced usability.
  • Community collaboration plays a crucial role in shaping PowerToys updates, ensuring a stable and user-centric experience on the Windows platform.



What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.79.0?

Keyboard Manager Revolutionized

One of the standout features of the update is the revamped Keyboard Manager. Users can now map shortcuts to start applications or open URIs, providing a convenient way to access frequently used programs or websites with a keystroke. Additionally, the latest iteration introduces support for shortcuts with chords, allowing for even more customization and efficiency in navigating the system. These enhancements are a result of community contributions, with special thanks extended to @jefflord for their valuable input.


Modernized Color Picker

The Color Picker utility has undergone a significant transformation with a modernized interface that adheres to Fluent UX principles. Thanks to the contributions of @niels9001, the updated Color Picker now offers a more intuitive and visually appealing experience. Moreover, users can now easily enable or disable telemetry, ensuring greater control over data privacy.



Expanded Functionality Across Utilities

Numerous other PowerToys utilities have received noteworthy updates and fixes. For instance, the File Explorer add-ons now support additional file types for previewing in the Monaco previewer, thanks to @Aaron-Junker's contributions. Similarly, improvements to utilities like FancyZones, File Locksmith, and Hosts File Editor enhance their usability and performance.


Enhanced User Experience

In addition to feature enhancements, the update focuses on improving the overall user experience. Refactored code ensures that English serves as a fallback language when localized resources are unavailable, enhancing accessibility for a broader audience. Moreover, tweaks to various utilities, such as Keyboard Manager and Image Resizer, refine their interfaces and functionality based on community feedback.



Bug Fixes and Optimization

The update addresses several issues reported by users, including memory leaks, crashes, and UI inconsistencies. By optimizing code and implementing fixes across utilities like Mouse Without Borders and PowerToys Run, Microsoft aims to deliver a more stable and reliable experience for users.


Community Collaboration

The success of this PowerToys update underscores the importance of community collaboration in software development. Contributions from users like @jefflord, @niels9001, and others have played a crucial role in shaping the direction of the project and ensuring that PowerToys continues to meet the evolving needs of Windows users.



How to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys

You can download the newest version of Microsoft PowerToys from the Microsoft Store or from the official repository on GitHub. If you already have Microsoft PowerToys installed on your computer, you can manually update it by navigating to the Settings page.


You can also download Microsoft PowerToys version 0.79.0 by clicking either of the following official links:


Please note that the links shared above to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys are official links hosted by Microsoft on the GitHub servers. It is still advisable to always scan with your antivirus software once you download something from the internet. Neither the author of this post nor the site will be responsible if something goes wrong.



End Notes

As Microsoft PowerToys continues to evolve with each update, it's evident that the collaboration between developers and the community drives innovation and improvement. The latest release introduces exciting new features and demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to listening to user feedback and delivering enhancements that enhance productivity and user experience.


With PowerToys, users have a powerful toolkit at their disposal, empowering them to customize their Windows experience and work more efficiently. As we look forward to future updates, let's continue to engage with the PowerToys project, contributing ideas and feedback to shape its evolution and ensure that it remains a valuable asset for Windows users worldwide.


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