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Are you ready for the next evolution in Microsoft Office? Microsoft has recently unveiled the commercial preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024, catering to specialized use cases on both Windows and Mac platforms. This announcement marks a significant milestone for organizations requiring a long-term servicing channel, offering a suite of familiar Office applications with a focus on stability and reliability.


Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 preview available for Windows, Mac
Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 Preview


  • Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 is now in commercial preview for Windows and Mac.
  • It incorporates features from previous Office releases along with a subset of new features from Microsoft 365 Apps for the enterprise.
  • Office LTSC 2024 offers five years of support under the Fixed Lifecycle Policy, ensuring stability and reliability.
  • With device-based licensing and extended offline access, Office LTSC 2024 caters to scenarios where on-premises solutions are necessary.



Catering to Specialized Use Cases

Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 is purpose-built for scenarios where devices cannot accept frequent feature updates or require strict adherence to regulatory standards. Whether it's regulated environments, manufacturing processes, or medical equipment, Office LTSC provides a solution tailored to these specialized needs.


Features and Support

Building upon past Office releases, Office LTSC 2024 incorporates a subset of new features from Microsoft 365 Apps for the enterprise. It ensures compatibility with the latest technologies while maintaining stability for extended periods. With a commitment to support for five years under the Fixed Lifecycle Policy, Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 offers peace of mind for long-term planning.



Deployment Flexibility

Recognizing the diverse deployment needs of organizations, Microsoft offers flexible deployment options for Office LTSC. Whether deploying on-premises or in hybrid environments, organizations can leverage familiar deployment tools like Click-to-Run on Windows and Apple Package format (pkg) on Mac, ensuring a seamless transition for users.


Unlocking Transformative Power

While Microsoft 365 continues to lead with its comprehensive suite of productivity tools and AI capabilities, Office LTSC 2024 serves as a valuable upgrade for customers requiring on-premises solutions. With device-based licensing and extended offline access, Office LTSC caters to unique scenarios such as computer labs and submarines, where traditional online services may not be feasible.


Preview Program Offerings

As part of the preview program, Microsoft offers a range of products, including Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus 2024, Microsoft Office LTSC Standard for Mac 2024, Microsoft Project Professional 2024, and Microsoft Visio Professional 2024. These offerings provide a glimpse into the future of Office productivity, empowering organizations to meet their specialized needs with confidence.



End Notes

With the commercial preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 now available, organizations have an opportunity to explore tailored solutions designed for specialized use cases. Whether it's maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring stability in manufacturing processes, or supporting embedded applications, Office LTSC 2024 delivers the reliability and performance required for long-term success. As the workplace evolves, Microsoft remains committed to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.


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