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We don’t think there is a sport more popular these days in the world than football. The championships are fantastic, the footballers are heroes, sports clubs are legend creators, football outfits are fashionable. No wonder, we have TV talk shows only about football, dedicated TV channels for football, mobile applications and games solely about football. The spirit of this sport is vibrant everywhere.


5 best football game apps for Microsoft Windows 11/10


Despite the fact that most of us don’t play the game on the field, the interest in this sport determines us to watch it, on the stadiums or on TV, play it online or try the football betting odds on dedicated platforms. Naturally, to offer more insights and gain knowledge, we can test our abilities with the best football games applications, now available for Microsoft Windows 11/10.


In this era of new technology, football is getting closer to the audiences. With the support of 5G, all the connected devices are able to download, play and involve artificial intelligence with unprecedented options.



Football Soccer League

The Football Soccer League is an application with great graphics that allows the users to choose a FIFA sportsmen and play with it. The game is available in the Microsoft store and looks very realistic as design. With this game, you are able to practice real types of moves in the field, like dribbles or tackles, and build up real games.


Super Party Sports (Football)

This game application looks very funny for football, like a cartoon. Characters are placed on several layers, opponents facing each other, and need to score a goal. The screen looks like a puzzle game. There is a lot of action in the game, like passing, jumping or smashing opponents. The game was released in 2015, and it still engages many players worldwide.



Cartoon Football Cup

With Cartoon Football Cup, another cartoon looking like a football game application, you play with your toon characters. First you choose your preferred character, make up a team of members you like, even select a nation to represent, and then shoot goals. This is a very fast and easy game to play, designed in 2D and free of charge to download from the Microsoft store. The entire game is created as a tournament.


Halloween Zombie Farting Football

What a strange idea for a football game: both playing the game and trying to eliminate zombies. You get points, if you succeed in shooting the zombies with a ball in the face. You get even more points, when you manage to create combinations of moves.




One more app that will be interesting to all fans of mobile games is Aviator app - a popular game among players around the world. Not only you can play it on a computer or laptop, but also it runs on tablets and smartphones.


Football Management Ultra

If you want to play the game of football management, create teams and handle leagues, this is the right kind of game. The full coordination of the game, the team setup, the organisational details are very challenging, and the winner is decided based on the abilities to manage the activity behind the games. FMU is a very interactive game that gives its players the chance to demonstrate their ability as football team managers. The game is testing talent for strategy, tactics and financial coordination. The latest edition of FMU, 4+, is now available in the app stores.


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