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Technological advancements are key drivers in the evolution of the sports industry, turning it into a more digitized, data-oriented sector. But, perhaps, the biggest effects are felt by the fans and viewers.


Stadiums have finite spaces, which means only a predetermined number of people can witness games in person. Those who can’t make it have to use other mediums, such as traditional TV broadcast, which fails to recreate the experience of being in the stadium. As a result, other mediums have blown up in recent years, aimed at creating an interactive, immersive experience, such as social media, podcasts, online highlights, chat services, live streams, forums, and in-play betting.


How to make watching sports events on Windows even better today?


The Gaming aspect of this evolution is a primary factor in the growth of these alternate mediums. Having experienced their own form of digitization, sports and sports betting don’t seem worlds apart anymore. Now, sports viewers can easily connect to online sports betting sites for instance, while following the game in real-time. They don’t have to visit a walk-in sports betting center to stake on games. Instead, everything can be done in a few keystrokes from an internet-enabled device, all in real-time.


In turn, the sports industry has helped create new digital channels for fans to experience their favorite games anywhere: on the go, in the stands, or at home.


That said, here are a few steps you can take to improve your sports viewing experience on your Windows PC:



Get the Right Apps

Your entire viewing experience on PC hinges on this step alone. The right applications will offer you many features that enhance the game’s look and feel. So, you want to go for apps that have little to no pop-up ads. Sometimes, this could mean buying apps or subscribing to a viewing bundle. There are several options to choose from, including browser extensions and TV apps that tap into free-to-air waves to bring you a live broadcast of the event. Common examples of these apps include Rojadirecta, Premier League Live, and Stream Formula 1 Live. Some of these apps are niche in that they only feature one type of sport or a particular area of a specific sport, like Premier League Live, which only brings you coverage of football in the English top-flight division. Others are more diversified, with nuanced menus for picking the type of sport you want to view.



Record for Later

Being busy or unavailable isn’t enough reason to miss a game. Some apps have a record feature, which helps you tape the game for later viewing. This way, you can always stay abreast of sports action at your convenience. You also get a say in how you want to record the event, from target window to custom selection to full-screen mode. The goal is to meet your resolution needs.


Adjust to Taste

Sometimes, broadcast quality can mess with the audio of sports coverage. Other times, you may only get a better viewing experience from channels with foreign commentary. None of these reasons should stand in your way of enjoying the game. For example, certain apps allow you to take charge of the audio of recorded sports coverage. So, now, you can remove, tone down, adjust playback speed, introduce subtitles, or create your own voice-over.


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