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Are Fitness Trackers Still Popular in 2023?

Fitness trackers were quite popular in the past, but are they still a “thing” in 2023? If so, which ones are the best? We answer both questions here! - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Keeping track of the things you do can help you become more productive with them. This applies to just about anything! Even when playing at a casino Vegas site, you can keep win/loss records to see what you did wrong and correct your mistakes. Another thing that record keeping can be useful for is your fitness activities.


By using applications and devices developed for this purpose, you can get a healthy body more easily. So, have fitness trackers declined in popularity or have they become more common? More importantly, what are the best trackers to use as of 2023? We answer these questions below.


Are Fitness Trackers Still Popular in 2023?


The Userbase Is Still Strong

Let's start with the popularity question. Fitness trackers are devices that have been around since the 60s (remember mechanical pedometers?), but modern applications emerged in the late 2000s. Fitbit was one of the first wearable tracker devices and could send the data it recorded to iOS + Android smartphones.


Since then, fitness trackers have become increasingly common and have started to work on different devices & platforms. We can even use them on smartwatches now, and if you search the Play Store or App Store, you'll find dozens of apps built for this purpose. Some will require an additional device like a FitBit, while others will use your smartphone or watch's sensors.



In any case, each can provide information on the workouts you've done, the calories you've burned, and much more. Some may even become personal fitness coaches. These trackers can now do more than just track your activities.


We can safely say that they have not lost anything in terms of popularity. FitBit is still the best-selling brand of external trackers and continues to sell the fourth generation of its devices. Smartphone/watch-based trackers, on the other hand, can go beyond being a simple application with additional features such as making a video call to a real trainer.


To sum up, fitness trackers are still very popular, and it's not too late to hop on this train.



Top Fitness Trackers to Use Right Now

The market is full of new and innovative devices which help people track their activities and rates. Here’s a list of devices and apps you can start using right now:


Apple Watch Series 8

If you want to keep track of all your fitness activities on one device without the hassle of installing separate apps, the Apple Watch (Series 8) is the best one you can buy right now. (If the price doesn't fit your budget, you can also check out the Apple Watch SE, which offers pretty much the same features.) WatchOS 9 has multiple default apps for fitness tracking, so you don't need to install any other.


The advanced features of the watch allow you to create custom workouts and track your body temperature. EKG, SpO2, and heart rate sensors let you monitor your general health too. And if you want, you can find dozens of fitness apps you can install on your watch at any given moment.



Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

We can repeat almost everything we said about the Apple Watch for the Galaxy Watch 5. This device uses Wear OS 3 and features multiple fitness trackers developed by Samsung. You can access them all in one app called “Samsung Health”. Unlike the Apple Watch 8, it also has a "body composition analysis" sensor. This is currently not found in any other smartwatch.


The only problem is that many features of the device are designed to work with Samsung smartphones. If you're using another Android phone, you can check out the “Google Pixel Watch” as an alternative.



Amazfit GTR 4

If you want your smartwatch to be made only for fitness tracking, the fourth generation of the Amazfit series may be a better choice for you. It's a smartwatch too, but it's not meant to become part of your phone. You can do map-based fitness tracking with built-in GPS, and you don't need to connect to the internet for this.


You can download offline maps from sites such as Strava & Komoot and even download route recommendations to your watch. This is a device developed especially for offroad activities, so if you're trekking, you probably won't find a better one. GTR 4 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and can share recorded data with both iOS and Android devices.



Oura Ring Gen 3

If you're looking for something more practical than smartwatches, how about a ring? Although a little big, Oura is designed to be an actual ring. At first glance, you wouldn't think it could be a fitness tracker. The device does not have a screen and has no buttons.


It instantly sends every recorded data to smartphones via Bluetooth and even includes a SpO2 sensor. You can browse the collected data and create detailed statistics using its own mobile application.


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