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investors look for ways to buy cheaply, the price of GMX has been slowly going back up. The token is being sold for $21 right now, which is the most it has ever been worth since July 3. Since June of this year, when it was at its lowest point ever, it has gone up by more than 120%. GMX is worth more than $168 million on the stock market right now. You can join the ekrona community and enjoy your trading activity.



What does it stand for?

Most of the platforms on the bitcoin exchange market fall into two categories: those that are centralised and those that are not. In the last few years, the idea of decentralised exchanges has gotten a lot of attention, leading some people who follow the industry to think that they could eventually take over the market share of controlled exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.


People can buy and sell cryptocurrency derivatives in just a few easy steps on GMX, a small decentralised exchange that is growing quickly. You don't have to sign up to trade on a decentralised exchange. All you have to do to start trading is link your wallet to the platform it uses.


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Through GMX, people can use leverage to increase the value of the cryptocurrency they own. On top of that, its fees are much lower than those of other protocols that will last forever. You can trade coins, or you can swap them with just a few easy steps.


GMX uses two kinds of smart contracts that are easy for most users to understand and use. Its main platform was built with Arbitrum, which is known for having low costs and good performance. Avalanche is another way to get it. According to the company's website, GMX has helped more than 69 thousand people trade goods and services worth more than $47 billion.


GMX is made up of two tokens called GMX and GLP. The main cryptocurrency, called GMX, is also the ecosystem's utility token. It is responsible for about 30% of all the fees that are collected from the ecosystem as a whole. Both Arbitrum and Avalanche give about 21% of their total earnings to their owners. The token for the network's liquidity provider, on the other hand, is GLP. About 70% of what it will cost has already been spent.



GMX price forecast

The price of GMX tokens has been steadily going up over the last few days, as shown by the hourly chart. The price of the currency was able to break out of the blue rising trendline and move above it. It is also trading close to the moving averages that are calculated over 25 and 50 periods.


When we look at it more closely, we can see that it has taken on a shape that looks like a head and shoulders that is going up. We can't say for sure that the price of GMX won't drop a lot in the next few days because of this. If this happens, the $18 level will be the most important support level to watch.


GMX is a spot and derivatives trading platform that lets traders trade a wide range of large-cap assets with up to 30x leverage and no slippage. You can also place orders on the market and at a certain price through the platform. This is done with the help of a system called GLP, which is a pool of all the assets that can be traded on the platform.



Trades can be made at the current oracle price, which is protected by Chainlink price feeds but also has limits, and the depth for all supported assets is potentially unlimited. This is possible because there is no order book. The GMX system is made up of two parts: the GLP token, which is used to trade, and the GMX token, which is used to make decisions about how the system works.


The first name for GMX was Gambit Financial, and it was only on BSC. But earlier this year, the company changed its name to GMX because it had grown to include Arbitrum, which now handles almost all of the margin trading business. But almost all spot traffic on the platform is still handled by GMX BSC, even though the platform has native connections with DODO for intelligent order routing via GLP.


Compared to when they were all in one place, they now bring in huge amounts of money that we can't ignore. If you put these next to each other, you can't ignore them.



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