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KuCoin to hire 300 employees and its good

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange that started in August 2017 with the goal of becoming one of the most successful exchanges in the world. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

A lot of popular exchange tokens, like KuCoin's own currency, KCS, are going up in value. Since August 21, 2020, the price of the token has gone up by more than 700%, which has caught the attention of investors in crypto and blockchain. People with KCS can get bonuses every day at the exchange. So, if you are trading Bitcoin, you may also need to know How Bitcoin Adoption Affects Developing Countries.


KuCoin usually lists lesser-known cryptocurrencies that have a lot of room to grow. It also gives users access to a wide range of tokens, some of which are not as well-known as other types of currency. It also has one of the best ways for people to share in the profits. Up to 90% of the trading fees can be given back to people who own KCS.



At the time this article was written, KCS was ranked 96 on CoinMarketCap and had a market value of $919,605,428. There will only ever be 170,113,638 KCS, but there are already 80,118,638 out there. KuCoin will keep using repurchase and burn until there are only 100 million tokens left in circulation.


What Makes KuCoin Unique?

Staking coins on KuCoin is a great way for users to make money without doing much work, and they also get the benefits of being a part of the KuCoin community. People who have more than six KCS at any given time also have a chance to get a daily bonus. This latest turn of events comes at a time when many cryptocurrency companies have cut jobs to get through the bear market.


KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange that started in August 2017 with the goal of becoming one of the most successful exchanges in the world. In just a few short quarters, the fast-growing business was already serving more than 4 million customers. The main office of KuCoin is in the Wan Chai neighbourhood of Hong Kong.



So that it can grow in the future, the company also has offices in Singapore and the Philippines. KuCoin was started by a group of people who love blockchain technology and have worked in the business of buying and selling digital assets in the past.


KuCoin was started with the goal of having the best technology, ways of doing business, and customer service.. Based on what its users tell it, KuCoin is always trying to get better and grow. Its goal is to make and keep a transaction platform that is at the cutting edge.


KuCoin, which also hires people, has posted ads for full-time, flexible jobs that can be done from home. Some of the company's remote jobs are close to its physical headquarters, while others let people work from anywhere in the world. KuCoin has been looking for people who can work well as a team and have a strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, and an open mind.



KuCoin hasn't fired anyone yet, and they have no plans to do so soon. We are one of the few crypto platforms that keeps growing because we have a good business plan, focus on making new products, and keep a good culture among our employees.


He also said that KuCoin is working hard to improve the efficiency of its operations and the motivation of its employees while growing into a number of new fields .Recently, there were about 1,100 people working at the bitcoin exchange, and You said that they are now hiring another 300 people.


This is now possible because the company raised $150 million in May. KuCoin is now worth $10 billion because of the investment round that took place two months ago. Lyu added that;"When the market isn't stable, we think the only way to keep our standards high is to bet on growth. Only if we make this choice can we keep our standards high. Any argument to the contrary is wrong and can't be taken seriously.



The CEO of KuCoin promised investors and users that the exchange would keep trying to hire some of the best people in the field. He went on to say that KuCoin thinks that skill is the most important thing in the cryptocurrency market to stay ahead of the competition.


Because of how much money it trades every day, KuCoin is now seen as one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Coinmarketcap says that KuCoin trades more than $800 million worth of cryptocurrency every day.


Other exchanges are having trouble at the same time that KuCoin is growing. Because of the bear market, Coinbase cut 1,100 jobs a month ago.Banxa has also let go of 70 employees, and Houbi has said that it plans to cut its staff by 30% in the near future.



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