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Do you run Instagram and share beautiful photos, interesting and useful notes, but you see that the number of followers is not growing much? How to increase followers on Instagram and attract your audience?


In this article, you can find several working and trusted ways to gain an audience on Instagram fast and easily.


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How to Increase Followers on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide


How to increase followers on Instagram

To increase the number of followers, you need to constantly work on the design and content of your IG page. Let's figure out how to run Instagram to increase the audience properly.

  • Choose a charactonym as your nick so that people immediately understand what you are writing about.
  • Make a description in the profile header using keywords that users can use to search for materials they are interested in.
  • Choose an attractive avatar.
  • Publish high-quality images. Instagram is used for beautiful, high-quality, professional photos, so few people will appreciate blurry, dark, and fuzzy images.
  • Identify your TA. Think about what they are interested in, what they are worried about, and how they spend their day. Make as clear a portrait of your typical follower as possible.
  • Write interesting, catchy notes. People want interesting stories, and inspiring, motivating, or entertaining texts.
  • Publish new posts regularly, even on weekends.
  • Try to understand at what time it is best to post new materials so that followers can see them as soon as possible.
  • Use your personal and popular hashtags to promote your publications. Use a hashtag generator for that, for instance, Toolzu.
  • Put geotags so that people from your city or region can find you.
  • Ask your readers questions, try to engage them in a dialogue, and respond to their comments.
  • Use all the features and novelties of the social network. Be sure to shoot stories, add a few pictures to the carousel, conduct live broadcasts, and upload videos to IGTV.
  • Remind your readers that you will be glad of their likes. The more likes you get, the higher your posts are in the followers' feed.
  • If possible, tag other users in your photos.
  • Track the posts that have received the most likes and comments to understand what content your audience likes.
  • Switch the page to a business account to track statistics on individual publications and the profile as a whole, as well as to be able to advertise on Instagram.
  • Keep an eye on competitors, look for their records that cause the greatest response, and raise this topic in your publications.
  • Develop a unique style to make your images stand out in the feed.


These actions will help to interest people who have visited your page. Without this, all attempts to increase the number of fans will be ineffective.



What else can you do to increase the followers’ rate?

There are several ways to make your page more popular:

  1. Like and comment on other people's posts. With a thoughtful, good comment, you can attract the attention of a more hyped blogger.
  2. Another way is to argue with someone in the comments on a topic in which you feel like an expert, carefully, without aggression and switching to personality.
  3. Leave a link to your profile on all available sites: other social networks, your personal website, YouTube channel.
  4. Use the possibility of cross-posting to share publications on several sites at once.
  5. Like and follow your potential followers. Some of them will go to your page and follow in response. This is called massliking and massfollowing.
  6. Ask your followers, friends, clients, and customers to mention you in publications.
  7. Arrange live broadcasts with IG bloggers on similar topics. For example, there is a psychologist who teaches women to be more confident and relaxed, and you deal with fashion and style issues. You can easily unite to hold a joint event for everyone's benefit.


As you can see, there are many promotion options: try them, test them and choose the ones that are right for you.




We hope our tips will help you increase the number of followers. Let me remind you that you need to start with a profile design, creating high-quality photos and interesting texts. After that, you can actively attract your TA to the page.


Good luck in promotion and lots of active followers!


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