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Instagram sales in modern realities is one of the most common ways to earn money on the Internet. Since this social network has a very large audience, there will be a buyer for each product. More than 150 million people visit business accounts and make purchases every day. For the most part, active users of the social network are solvent young people.


Each of them daily flips through the feed of posts, watches stories and reels. At the moment, it is believed that selling goods online is most effective on Instagram. No social network can boast of so many successful online sales .In addition, there are many reasons why you should open your online store and create a brand on Instagram. The developers of the social network have provided a number of mechanisms by which you can successfully promote your online store.



Instagram has features that allow you to effectively sell your product. For example, there is a set of specific functions called Instagram Shopping. A separate section "shop" appears in your profile (this is a kind of showcase), through which a potential customer can get acquainted with your products and price list. You can also sell things through content by putting a label on the product being sold, which is shown in the photo. By clicking on this, the user will see the cost and will be able to click on the link to make a purchase.


We can say that the developers have created a site inside the site. You can group the items sold by collections and collect lookbooks to attract the attention of a potential clients and facilitate his choice. Stores strive to ensure that their accounts can be easily found in the first search results. In order to increase the reach of potential customers and rise to the top in search, many stores at the first stages use services that allow you to buy real Instagram followers.



But that's not all. You can create not just an account on Instagram, like all ordinary people, but a business profile. Business accounts are created specifically for those people who want to promote their goods or services on Instagram. The specificity of such profiles is that they have a large set of tools for maintaining an account. There are two types of profiles: author (for bloggers) and company (for companies). In this way, the algorithms structure all business pages and select the appropriate audience.


Let's move from theory to practice!



So, how can you create a store on instagram?

  1. Decide what you will offer to customers. These can be, for example, jewelry made by your hands, clothes painted with drawings or custom shoes. You can sell absolutely everything on Instagram, starting with phone cases and ending with unique handmade jewelry.
  2. Create a business profile. This is done very simply. You create a regular user account and then click on the "make a business account" button in the settings. Next, you will need to select the "company" category if you are opening a store. At this step, you also need to come up with a store name and account description. The profile name should be interesting and memorable, and the account description should be concise and understandable to potential customers. If you are not sure that you are able to do it yourself, contact the SMM manager, a good specialist will offer options for the design of the profile.
  3. Link your professional profile to your Facebook page. If you have not created a business page on Facebook, you will need to create and fill it out. This step is mandatory because you will be able to promote your publications, launch advertising campaigns and make promotions.
  4. Start creating content. Take photos and videos of your products, shoot a few reels, upload information about your store to the "stories highlights" tab. Spare no money to create high-quality photos - find a photographer who specializes in shooting products for Instagram. Such specialists work in different price categories, so you will definitely be able to find a professional who will suit you in all respects. Create separate photos for the catalog in Instagram Shopping. You can enable this function through the settings in the "company" section.
  5. Increase the number of subscribers in your profile. There are several options for attracting potential subscribers to the account. For example, you can run targeted ads in your profile. But this method is not always suitable for new online stores, because not all customers trust such pages and often bypass them. Therefore, many business accounts choose another way to attract an audience - they find companies through which you can buy Instagram followers. There are many similar offers on the Internet, but not all services are high-quality and conscientious. Among the companies there are such, which instead of real subscribers offer to buy useless bots. Choose only high-quality and proven companies that have been working with Instagram clients for a long time.



Earning money without leaving home is not just a dream, it’s our reality. You can open a store without the cost of rent and staff, you don’t have to work a lot with documents and spend time on it. Take advantage of new earning opportunities with satisfaction. See you in your online store!


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