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Online slots are somewhat of a phenomenon. In many respects, they have taken gaming on the internet by storm and are now among one of the most popular forms of content around. However, while their popularity continues to soar, many people are wondering just what technology is in use that makes spinning the reels of video slots so fun?


Technology Behind Online Slots


It’s fair to say that all popular slots games have similarities where technology is concerned across the board. You could call it a blueprint for success. Everything begins arguably with a concern about the transparency and honesty of the results an online slot produces. Over the years, it's been suggested slot machines are fixed, but it couldn't be further from the truth, thanks to software-based Random Number Generators (RNG) that ensure the outcome of each spin is random and not related to any spins that have gone before.



Online slots have been on a journey that has very much run parallel to the improvement of technology, the latest trends, and the demands of players. Nowadays, more punters than ever before are gaming on their smartphones and other handheld devices. It has meant there has had to be an adaptation in the development process to ensure that slots look and feel the part on smaller screens. The technology in use is known as HTML 5, and without it, there’s no way online slots would have the success they continue to have in the mobile world.


The actual creation of a video slot is where the most technology is put to work because teams of developers that are often 10+ strong are effectively making something akin to a game you see on console nowadays. So, tech is required to aid mathematicians, server development, front-end development and more. And what is great about the use of all this tech is that it can all be used to form a base game layer that allows for other titles to be built from it. It will streamline what is usually a lengthy process of around twelve months to take a slot game from the start through to completion.



As everyone knows, it’s not just how a game plays that’s important. It’s how it looks and sounds too. For some, these are the components that will naturally attract them to spin the reels of an online slot. The technology to design the visual aspect and to add music and sound effects is the kit that improves the quickest. And this is because the devices that slots are played in are consistently capable of more and better.


There is certainly a lot of technology that goes into making the finished product of an online video slot. And, like everything else, it is used at specific times along the development path. However, it’s also worth noting that because of how the tech world is, the pieces of kit used by the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt will change regularly as improvements are made, and things advance.


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