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AI is set to reshape the way we see everything in the online world, and web development is no exception. Experts across the industry are looking at all the ways the technology can be harnessed, and below are some of the biggest expected applications.


Market Research

One of the most time-consuming parts of starting any new web design project is the research and preparation before you start. Each market will have its own specific demands and expectations. For instance, if you're building a casino site, you'd be looking at a site with many simple features to stitch together including games and how-to guides, usually with specific markets to target on top. It means you could be balancing multiple game plug-ins and casino guides for the UK alongside payment applications and customer support as well.


Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash


AI has the potential to massively speed this process up. Software programmed to seek out certain types of sites, using keywords for the previous example like 'casino' and 'UK', would be able to compile a list of matches in a few seconds. Depending on the software, it could even deconstruct those sites to find similar common features and recommendations.



This is perhaps the main thing that people think of with AI helping with web development. Many assume that the process would come down to putting a few parameters into an AI system and letting it generate the code. The reality is more complex, as sites generated purely by AI would most likely fail to meet the specific needs of clients. After all, clients are often unsure or unclear about requirements and AI is not capable of interpreting vagueness.


The more likely function of AI would be building a generated framework for a human to then build upon. Much of the underlying site structure is common between many sites, meaning that this part of the process is often just time-consuming. After the frame is in place, it leaves more time for the developer to work on any bespoke features, and time is always a benefit.


Updates and Modifications

Once a site is live, the bulk of the technical work feels like it's done, but any site with a degree of complexity will certainly require plenty of upkeep. There are cases where simple fixes and basic maintenance are required of course, although in some cases, bigger updates are needed. Certain features and functions may make major changes and require significant work to bring them up to date.


Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash


Naturally, all this must often be done to a site that cannot afford to be offline for long, but we currently see some major sites down for hours or even days. AI is a potential solution to this, as once changes or updates are ready and set for deployment, an automated system could put them in place in a fraction of the time.


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and creative minds will certainly find other ways to apply the technology, but we'll have to wait and see where they take it.


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