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A personal statement can make or break your chances of attending your dream university. It should effectively portray what qualifies you for the course. Yet finding just the right tone is challenging. Bragging is out, shyness is counterproductive, and trying to be witty can be harmful. It's no surprise that applicants seek advice.


How do you know what to write to win the hearts of the admissions committee? Take a look at our selection of tips to help you nail your writing game and create a personal statement that will be one-of-a-kind.


5 Ways to Write Outstanding Personal Essay for Your College Application


Show you care about the topic

First and foremost, your personal essay should tell a story about what makes you the perfect candidate for your selected course. It has to show if you have carefully considered your decision and are truly passionate about the subject.


What excites you about the course? Perhaps you want to make a difference in the field after you graduate? To effectively convey your enthusiasm, you have to practice writing. Furthermore, you should conduct thorough research on the university and its requirements in order to tailor your writing to their expectations.



Keep it simple

Colleges do not want cliches. They want to see specific and up-to-date evidence of your interest in the chosen course. Make sure to use your own voice. You must demonstrate proper knowledge of English without appearing to have swallowed a dictionary. Avoid extravagant phrases like "I was destined to study literature from the minute I was born." Keep things simple and straightforward- don’t waste that valuable space!


You should practice writing to ensure your English is as polished as possible. If you need help refining your writing skills to ensure the best outcome, consult your teachers or use a top essay writing service to help you discover gaps in your knowledge and perfect your writing game before tackling your personal statement. No matter how admirable you are or how impressive your achievements are, if you don't master the art of effectively expressing yourself verbally, none of it will count.



Don’t forget hobbies

The admissions committee does not merely want to see your intellectual competence, but also who you are as a person. Hobbies and part-time work help present a fuller picture. But don't just list them: emphasize the qualities they've gifted you with and what you can bring to the table during the studying process.


Almost any hobby can be relevant if you can successfully depict how it has shaped you into the person you are today. Playing the piano, for instance, might reveal your stamina and tenacity, as well as your ability to work in a group.



Honesty is key

More and more colleges check whether the applicants' enthusiasm is genuine. With that in mind, you should not apply for college without knowing for sure that your passion is genuine. An honest, insightful statement will go much further than one full of flamboyant statements. In the end, honesty is the best policy.


Yet don't let your imagination run wild when telling your story. Investigate your university's requirements and teachers to better understand what they're looking for. You should tread a fine line between being truthful and playing it safe.



Edit, edit, edit

Allow yourself plenty of time for editing. It's best to start writing as soon as possible so you can go back and revise your personal essay later. Impeccable spelling and grammar are essential, so use spell-check services or, better yet, seek professional assistance. Even if your personal essay is excellent in terms of content, any admissions person will be put off by grammar errors.


Final Thoughts

If you're worried about the approaching deadline for your personal statement, don't be: you're not alone. The key here is not to rush; instead, take your time to understand the requirements, plan ahead of time, and approach your essay honestly. Always keep our advice in mind to write a stellar essay that will land you a spot at your dream college!




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