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Every writing style is unique because it helps achieve our writing objectives and adds more creativity as we write. Still, most people define writing styles automatically as we perceive information and do not care for what’s being used as long as it’s accessible and inspiring. This challenge is always faced by the writer who alternates between argumentative, explanatory, reflective, or other styles.


Choosing one of them is your responsibility and preference that must start with the content’s type and your target audience. The most popular style in 2022 is the one that can help your audience feel like a part of what they read. It can be achieved with the help of examples and explanations that are easy to read.


Which Writing Style Should You Choose in 2022?


Which Writing Style Should You Choose in 2022?


Since we face a plethora of information these days, the use of an explanatory writing style is essential. The most challenging part is structuring your content and applying the facts with a proper analysis. This style will help you when you work on your college tasks or when you apply for college. It is a mixture of strategic thinking and synthesis of available information. You can apply an explanatory style when creating a blog or work on technical writing for some product or a bright idea.



College students use this writing style in most assignments, yet it can also be met when reading marketing materials or hearing the news. The purpose here is to persuade by using statistical information and facts. It’s not enough to say that something is either right or wrong when you express your opinion because you must persuade why it is so! You can combine persuasion with a clear narrative style by using examples from your life or quotes from famous people.




Another remarkable style worth checking is the descriptive style. Unlike explanatory or argumentative writing, it uses descriptions, vivid metaphors, and good examples that help you to feel connected. It’s essential in 2022 because people need to see how and why it can benefit them. If you cannot understand the difference, check WritingUniverse web page to get an idea of a descriptive style, paper structure, language peculiarities. You can ask an expert for several examples or change your writing to a descriptive sample. It’s always good to have an example to follow and see what literary devices can assist you!



This style is a specific mixture of various scenarios because you may analyze a case study or choose several posts online as a source for your writing work. Movie and book reviews also relate to this category. When offering your point of view with the pros and cons, analytical writing should be your primary choice. The most frequent structure should include a brief introduction with a thesis, something for analysis, and your thoughts that sum up the key arguments that have been mentioned before.



The Use of Your Target Platform

When preparing your draft for publishing purposes, your writing style is always checked by another editor and proofreader. Adjusting your content to the rest of the academic journal or a fashion magazine must be done. Although it may seem that various entertainment platforms do not use various writing styles, it’s not so! Even professional bloggers alternate different styles when using descriptions or persuading their visitors regarding something they have to promote. It all comes down to your target platforms and the rules. Before submitting your draft or choosing your writing style, see the restrictions and requirements! Staying attentive will help you avoid urgent re-writing and follow your publisher or an academic advisor’s rules.




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