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If you are still using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), the Redmond giant has recently reminded its customers all over the world that the company is going to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft 365 suite. That means all Microsoft 365 apps and services will cease support for Internet Explorer.


The date is not so far! Microsoft said that the farewell of IE11 will begin on August 17, 2021. Are you still using IE11? Switch to the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser now.

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Microsoft has taken a new move to phase out Internet Explorer for its new Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser. The company has identified a list of 1,156 websites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Hotstar, Yahoo Mail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and many others, that will redirect users from IE to Microsoft Edge.


Starting next month, the redirect will take place to the users who are having Microsoft Edge Stable version 87 or higher installed on their system.

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Is your Internet Explorer crashing when you are trying to debug your Silverlight application from Visual Studio but runs perfectly when running without debug option set? This might be due to an update that Microsoft pushed recently via Windows Update service.


If you faced the same, this post will guide you to resolve it at the earliest. Continue reading to learn about the trick to resolve this. Share it with your friends. This might help them too.

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Microsoft is going to release Internet Explorer 9 RTM on Monday, 14th March 2011. Currently it is in Release Candidate and if you want to try it out, can download the RC version from net. Internet Explorer 9 has lots of new features and enhancements which will give you much faster and secure web experience.


In this post, we will discuss about the history of Internet Explorer which will include various Internet Explorer versions and their features.

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