Is your Internet Explorer crashing when you are trying to debug your Silverlight application from Visual Studio but runs perfectly when running without debug option set? This might be due to an update that Microsoft pushed recently via Windows Update service.


If you faced the same, this post will guide you to resolve it at the earliest. Continue reading to learn about the trick to resolve this. Share it with your friends. This might help them too.


Recently I faced a critical issue when trying to debug my Silverlight application from Visual Studio. The application was running smooth, if I detach the debugger. I spent almost the entire evening to find out the cause of the issue and finally was able to resolve it. The issue was not related to Visual Studio, Silverlight Plugin, Silverlight Application, Internet Explorer but was due to un update that my system installed two days back.


If you face similar issue after the Windows Update, just go to “Control Panel –> Programs –> View Installed Updates” and search for the following “Security Update for Microsoft Windows” KB patch (KB3013126, KB3008923, KB2978120) and uninstall them one by one. I am not sure which one exactly created the issue but uninstalling all of them worked. Don’t forget to restart your system after the uninstallation process to apply the changes.


Solution - Internet Explorer crashes when debugging Silverlight apps


I have further investigated the issue and confirmed that, this problem is only occurring for the KB3008923 update. If you just uninstall the said update and reboot, it will work.


If you find any other alternate to the problem, don’t forget to mention it in the below comment section. I will be happy to highlight them in this post body.


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