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My book, 'Mastering Visual Studio 2017', is now available on Flipkart at a discounted price. This book focuses on coding with the new, improved, and powerful tools of Visual Studio 2017. It covers topics on improved debugging, unit testing capabilities, accelerate cloud development and many more.


If you are a developer, using Visual Studio, you won't want to miss this opportunity. Grab the book now, as it's available at a discounted price.

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It gives me immense pleasure to announce that, my book titled 'Mastering Visual Studio 2017' has been published today. It was a great journey, with months of efforts. Thanks to Packt Publisher for the opportunity to write for them. Sincere thanks to the editorial team and the reviewer.


By reading this book, you will learn not only what Visual Studio 2017 offers, but also what it takes to put it to work for your project.

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