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In the last post, we learnt “How to Save Contact in WP7 using the SaveContactTask?” Today in this small post we will learn how to retrieve saved contacts in WP7 using the Windows Phone 7 SDK APIs.


If you are developing any application for Windows Phone 7 and wants to provide user an option to get any contact details (e.g. Contact Name, complete Address of the Contact), AddressChooserTask class will allow you to get such information of the selected contact. Continue reading to get more details about this API.

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It’s a time for the great news. Feeling proud to announce that, officially I am now a Telerik Insider too along with the Telerik MVP award. After Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj (@kashyapa), I am the 2nd Telerik Insider from India.


Thanks to everyone for your continuous support. Read to know more about the program.

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Windows Phone 7 SDK exposes API to provide user option to save any contact to the Contact list. In your app you may want to include contact saving option. This small post will help you to understand the API and after that, you will be able to use it in any of your applications.


The SDK has a sealed class called SaveContactTask, which you can use to implement this feature. Continue reading to know more about the class and implementation steps.

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Sometime in our application, we want to launch the Media Library of the Windows Phone 7 device and also want to provide user the option to view any existing image from that library. So if you want to do this, how will you implement the code?


Windows Phone 7 SDK provides provides API to do this. Using the PhotoChooserTask you can actually launch the photo chooser application and handle the selected image. Continue reading to read more about this process from this small tips.

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In last two post, we learnt about How to search in the WP7 Marketplace using the MarketplaceSearchTask? and How to Launch the WP7 Marketplace Hub using the MarketplaceHubTask? Today in this small post, we will learn how to launch the application details page.


If you searched application in Marketplace using the marketplace client, you would familiar about the application details page. The details page consists of information about the application including install & share button and reviews section. You might want to add that page in your application. Continue reading to learn about the API.

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In our previous Windows Phone 7 tips, we learnt how to search applications and/or music in the WP7 marketplace using the MarketplaceSearchTask API.


Today in this post, we will learn about the MarketplaceHubTask API to launch the Windows Phone 7 Hub client in your phone device. Using the code, you can also launch it in the phone emulator. Continue reading to learn more about it.

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In your Windows Phone 7 application, you may want to search for some application or music rom WP7 Marketplace. How will you do this? This small tips on Windows Phone 7 marketplace related API will help you to write code in your application.


You can easily achieve this by using the Marketplace Launchers task to call the search API. Continue reading to know more about it.

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Microsoft launched Visual Studio 11 Beta and .Net Framework 4.5 Beta with lots of new, enhanced and improved features. Jason Zander, announced the availability of Visual Studio 11 beta and .Net Framework 4.5 beta in his Weblog on 29th February 2012.


Continue reading this post to find out the links towards the Web Installer as well as the Offline / Standalone Installer of Visual Studio complete suite.

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Here comes the “Monthly Summary” of February 2012. During February 2012, I have published 11 blog posts with mix categories. In this post, sharing all the posts in category wise sorted for you, so that, you can find them easily from here.


In February, I published three Windows Phone 7 applications which are absolutely free to download. I am sharing them here for your easy access.

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My 3rd Windows Phone 7 application called “Untiny URL” is now available in WP7 Marketplace. This application extracts the shortened URL and previews the complete URL in the screen.


Don’t forget to try it out and provide your valuable ratings and feedback in the marketplace. Find out more about the application and marketplace URL.

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Here comes my 2nd Windows Phone 7 application in the Marketplace named “Easy Connect” to provide you easy access to the connectivity settings page in your device. Finding each page in the settings is little bit difficult and hence here is my application to help you.


Find details about the application and the free downloadable links from Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Don’t forget to review the app and share your feedback.

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