“Easy Connect” - a Small WP7 Utility Application in Marketplace

Here comes my 2nd Windows Phone 7 application in the Marketplace named “Easy Connect” to provide you easy access to the connectivity settings page in your device. Finding each page in the settings is little bit difficult and hence here is my application to help you.


Find details about the application and the free downloadable links from Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Don’t forget to review the app and share your feedback.


Easy Connect is a small utility application which will give you easy access to all the four connection settings page i.e. Airplane, Bluetooth, Cellular and Wi-Fi from a single page. You will find it useful as it will allow you to navigate between different connection settings page from a single location.


Update: Version 2 has been released with new improved UI







Last but not least, don’t forget to share your reviews and suggestions, which will help me to provide much better application for you in future. Thank you well in advance for your continuous support.

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