Sometimes, you have a few pages in a PDF that you want to transfer into another PDF. Instead of rescanning the pictures, you can simply edit the PDF document by adding the pages you need. If you scan the documents again, you are going to have to turn on the scanner and pay more electricity bills. You actually don't need to use any software to add pages in a PDF document.


In Windows 10, you can merge the PDF for free by using the Print command. Let's learn the ways to add pages to PDF on Windows 10.

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Microsoft released new Windows 10 preview build 18312 to the Windows Insiders, who are in the Fast Ring. This build includes Reserved Storage feature, which will get enabled based on when you complete the reserved storage quest.


In addition to this, there are some additional improvements included in Build 18312. This includes improvements to Reset this PC, new command-line options to the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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Microsoft released a new servicing update (version 15.9.5) for Visual Studio 2017 to patch the existing issues that was reported by the customers. Download the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 and stay updated with all fixes.


A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Visual Studio for the C++ compiler. Make sure to read this security warning before upgrading.

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Microsoft is now moving towards implementing a completely secure, password-less login experience to Windows 10, which is expected to release publicly to all Windows 10 users with next feature update in April 2019.


Before the public release, you might be curious to know how to use a password-less account to signin to Windows 10. Let's learn how to configure it.

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Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18309 from the 19H1 branch to the Windows Insiders in the fast ring. Though this build does not include long features list, but includes a notable changes to the Windows experience.


If you are a Windows Insider in the Fast ring, check for updates. But before that, check the known issues that still present in this new preview build.

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While Microsoft already released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update recently, they have already started working on the next major feature update (code named: 19H1) and have already released few preview builds to the insiders.


Among those new enhancements, the Windows Security app also got some noticeable feature updates in latest Windows 10 build 18305.

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Those who mostly work with the Windows Task Manager, be it the "Processes", "Performance", "Users" or "Details" tabs, opening the Task Manager and then navigating to the specific tab is few clicks away. Microsoft now improved the Task Manager by adding an option to set the default tab.


The feature is yet to release to general public, but Microsoft has already previewed it to the Windows Insiders. Checkout to know how you can set the default tab.

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Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight, virtual desktop environment for Windows 10. It allows safe space where you can run any applications that you feel unsafe. Once you have finished running the app, you can dispose the entire sandbox without any worries.


With the Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 18305, Microsoft previewed this feature that demonstrates how easy it is to keep your system safe from applications that is untrusty.

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