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Hi folks, as all of you know that Silverlight 4 is now going to come out as “Go-Live” license within a few months and also in the mean time there are some wishlist coming for Silverlight 5, hence I am writing this post to collect those most wanted features requested by the community. Please contribute your wishlist for Silverlight 5 here (as comment) and I will update that list regularly.
  • Sophisticated Authentication & Security (includes client certificates as credentials for web service call) - [Vote] – alexander.biskop
  • More encryption algorithm - [Vote] – alexander.biskop
  • More flexible way to do localization in DataForm/DataGrid - [Vote] – sladapter
  • Application patching functionality - [Vote] – Haathen
  • Better Local Messaging API - [Vote] – ksleung
  • Better drawing API - [Vote] – ksleung
  • Support for Report Viewer - [Vote] - mlonny
  • Real time printing support - [Vote] – ksleung
  • Support for iPod/iPhone - [Vote] - microsoft_kc
  • Android support - [Vote] – ksleung
  • Better 3D support like WPF - [Vote] - microsoft_kc
  • An embedded database component like SQL-CE that can be used in OOB mode - [Vote] – Joeyw
  • Better support for WritableBitmap - [Vote] – Joeyw
  • Vector Printing - [Vote] – Joeyw
  • Support for IObservable for databinding - [Vote] – Joeyw
  • Rich Text Editor which allows Word Wrapping around images or other elements - [Vote] - Erwin Beckers
  • BMP and GIF image support - [Vote] - Erwin Beckers
  • More advanced controls like Outlook Agenda/Calendar control - [Vote] - Erwin Beckers
  • Transparency Support in Out-Of-Browser Mode - [Vote] - microsoft_kc
  • Improved SaveFileDialog with DefaultName option - [Vote] - Neha
  • ChildWindow with NON-modal support - [Vote] - Amantha
  • Flash video playback - [Vote] - Erwin Beckers
  • A working webbrowser control in a non-out-of-browser scenario - [Vote] - Peter Gfader
  • Support tooltip better for transparent, init delay, show delay, tiling image brush - [Vote] - Anonymous
Your suggestions for Silverlight 5 feature requests are welcome to publish here. Cheers…
Also, you can post them & vote in Silverlight Uservoice.

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  1. On my wishlist are:
    An embedded database component like SQL-CE that can be used in OOB mode.
    The Sync Framework as a downloadable component, with providers for key data sources (ATOM/REST, oData etc)
    Support for SVG, with an SVG DOM shim.
    Better support for a writable bitmap.
    Vector printing.
    Unsafe mode for OOB.
    Support for IObservable for databinding.

  2. 1) Rich text editor which allows word wrapping around images or other elements

    2) Display all common image formats like .bmp, (animated) .gif

    3) Flash video playback

    4) 3d features like we have in WPF

    5) more advanced controls like
    for example
    - outlook agenda/calendar control

  3. Support for dynamically typed data


    Selector with "null" value

  4. With ActiveX I can drag and drop one or files or folders onto the surface and have the control know the folder structure.

    In SL4 we get this ... sort of ... with folder structure only from My Documents.

    SL5 needs to allow for this from any folder without having to be OOB for some amazing drag and drop file uploaders capable of preserving folder structures.

  5. Hi Keno,

    Thanks for the post. I want to inform you that, you can drag and drop files from any location of your PC in your Silverlight 4 application. This is applicable for both Web & OOB applications.

    Do a try. Also, if you want, there is a post in this blog by me on the same which includes one sample application.

    Let me know, if you have any issues.

  6. ChildWindow with NON-modal support

  7. a working webbrowser control in a non-out-of-browser scenario

  8. support tooltip better for transparent, init delay, show delay, tiling image brush

  9. Please make sure you put these (or vote for existing ones) on http://silverlight.mswish.net

  10. Sure Tim. I will add those to the repository.

  11. Select a folder using SaveFileDialog and set default file name to save multiple files in a folder on client's machine. Using SL4 we can not save multiplefiles in a folder (though we can upload but can not save!).

    There is no way to export data to any video format say .avi or .flv. For example from writable bitmap we can not export a video!

  12. 1)Docking Panel(like Telerik).
    2) Gantt Chart(includes ticks, hour,..)
    3) Microsoft reporting service Viewer.
    3) Windowless User Control

    ...also include

  13. auto adjust according to the screen resolution of the user while in out of browser mode it would be grate.


  14. Clipboard support not only for Text.
    WebBrowser support in all modes


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