On 11th November, I declared a Contest to giveaway a Developer License of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight which costs around $799. The contest ended on 25th December 2010 and as mentioned, I am going to announce the Winner of this contest in this post today.


I got a huge response in this contest and it was very difficult for me to chose the Winner but finally the Winner’s name is in my hand. Read to know who among of you will receive the $799 of Telerik RadControls License.




As mentioned in the post “Giveaway: Win Telerik RadControls for Silverlight worth $799 FREE”, I am going to give a single license of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight to one of blog and twitter follower. After going thru all the conditions mentioned in that post, I am finally happy to announce “Mr. Waseem” who is a Software Developer in Damascus, Syria as the Winner of the License. I will send a personal mail & DM over twitter to the Winner shortly.


Gift with a bow As a Winner, Waseem will get the following Silverlight controls in his Telerik controls package to use in his application:




Follow my new site “Silverlight-Zone” for latest Silverlight related posts and also follow @SilverlightZone for the direct delivery of each post in your Twitter client. I will send the License to you soon. Please drop a comment here once you receive your license. All the best Waseem. Thumbs up

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