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As predicted, the site is Live now (1st January 2011, Indian Standard Time) and you will find 100+ great posts on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 already fetched from 2010 to start with the site.



I will daily add new Silverlight related posts in this site and the Twitter account @SilverlightZone will broadcast the news whenever a new post made. So, follow @SilverlightZone in your Twitter client to be updated on the latest Silverlight related stuffs.


With this Silverlight-Zone site, I am also starting a Discussion Forum. Please try to use that forum as much as you can. If you have any queries, feedbacks and/or suggestion, please use that forum to contact me directly.


Last but not least, I will specially give my thanks to Michael Crump and Todd Knudsen, who tried to contribute their articles as much as they can for the start. Hope, they will always contribute their articles here to make the site updated. If you want to contribute your articles as news in this site, please use the "Discussion Forum" link present at the top menu bar.

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