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In this issue we have posts from: Thomas Martinsen, Jeremiah, Vikram Pendse, Jeff Wilcox, Kirupa, Laurent Bugnion, Nigel Sampson, Jeff Prosise, Jaime Rodriguez, Dave Campbell, Deyan Ginev and Emmanuel Nuyttens.



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Here is the list with all news headline posted (February 7th, 2011) at Silverlight-Zone:



 Using SilverLight 4 Line Of Business Application Development Template (LOB) - by Emmanuel Nuyttens

 Integrating your Windows Phone unit tests with MSBuild #4: The WP7 Unit Test Application - by Deyan Ginev

 Silverlight Cream for February 06, 2011 -- #1042 - by @WynApse

 Back button press when using webbrowser control in WP7 - by Jaime Rodriguez

 Real-World Tombstoning in Silverlight for Windows Phone, Part 2 - by @jprosise

 Windows Phone 7 Sockets and File System Libraries - by Jeremiah

 Serialization Gotcha on Windows Phone 7 - by Nigel Sampson

 An error when installing MVVM Light templates for VS10 Express - by Laurent Bugnion

 Creating Sample Data from a Class - Page 1 - by kirupa

 Notes on Silverlight and Phone Toolkits, Testing and Other Phone Stuff - by Jeff Wilcox

 Silverlight On Mobile : Copy and Paste functionality inside Windows Phone 7 Emulator - by @VikramPendse

 A Simple DirectCanvas Tutorial - by Jeremiah

 A guide to OData and Silverlight - by @thomasmartinsen


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