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Today, we have 14 news items posted in Silverlight-Zone. If you are a Silverlight or Windows Phone 7 application developer, follow Silverlight-Zone for daily news update.


In this issue we have posts from: Abhishek Baxi, Telerik Silverlight Team, Oren Gal, Abram John Limpin, Rudy Grobler, Windows Phone Geek, Deborah Kurata, Ali Raza Shaikh, Gill Cleeren, John Garland, Dan Wahlin, Roy Dallal, Microsoft Expression and Laurant Bugnion.



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Here is the list with all news headline posted (February 8th, 2011) at Silverlight-Zone:



MVVM Light V4 preview (BL0014) release notes - by @LBugnion
Expression Web Keyboard shortcuts - by @msexp
Silverlight Memory Leak, Part 2 - by Roy Dallal
Syncing Data with a Server using Silverlight and HTTP Polling Duplex - by @DanWahlin
The New Phone Tools [are] Here! The New Phone Tools [are] Here! - by John Garland
Getting ready for Microsoft Silverlight Exam 70-506 (Part 4) - by Gill Cleeren
Latest Windows Phone 7 Emulator Unlocked Within 24 hours! - by Ali Raza Shaikh
Simple Silverlight MVVM Base Class - by Deborah Kurata
WP7 AboutPrompt in depth - by @WinPhoneGeek
Professional Audio Recorder - by Rudy Grobler
Using HyperlinkButton in Expression Blend 4 - by Abram John Limpin
Sync unlimited instances of one Silverlight application - by Oren Gal
Telerik RadMap for Silverlight – Custom provider - by Telerik Silverlight Team
Windows Phone 7 Design Templates - by @baxiabhishek




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