On 23rd January 2011, I declared a contest to Giveaway 4 licenses of DevComponents DotNetBar for Silverlight, each costs around $219. The contest was for 1 month and was ended on 28th February 2011.  As mentioned in that post, I am going to declare the Winners in this post. Read to know more about the Winner.




DotNetBar for Silverlight is toolbox of user interface components designed to help you develop professional Silverlight applications with ease. DotNetBar for Silverlight controls are built 100% for the Silverlight platform and they take advantage of the capabilities of latest Silverlight version. Please checkout Live-Demo that shows controls included and then download fully functional trial version to try it in your project.


Here is the list of the 4 Winners, who will get DotNetBar for Silverlight worth $219:

Congratulation to all the Winners for winning the Software Licenses. Try using the software and keep learning new things. Follow us on Twitter @kunal2383 and @SilverlightZone. Also keep following My Blog and Silverlight-Zone to learn new things.


I will send a mail to you all separately with your winning license very shortly. Drop a line here for the confirmation.


All the best and Happy Coding. Cheers... Thumbs up

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