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Saturday, 21st May 2011 was the 3rd day at MVP Open day. We attended various sessions during the whole day. We had a lots of Fun there at night. Started the day at Microsoft India Development centre and ended at Ista hotel, as usual.


In this post, I will share some information of this day including some snaps. Session details will not be available due to Non Disclosure Agreement.



In the morning after doing the breakfast at Ista hotel, we went to Microsoft IDC campus for the day 3 event. There we attended the keynote session by Dr. Kumaran on Microsoft Research. Heard many things on current Microsoft researches.


After the keynote, started with various sessions. Attended different sessions on Lync, SQL and C# and came to know lots of things. I can't discuss more on them.


Later in the evening we came back to Ista hotel and took some rest. We had a dinner party there. As this was my first open day event, I had no clue about it. Finally the bell rang for the party and we were at the venue. Oh god! it was amazing. Fun! Fun! and Fun! We enjoyed a lot there with different kind of fun activities including dance. It was a nice experience of me at MVP open day. Also it was the last night of the open day for the year. Now time to say good bye for this year.


Sharing some snapshots of Day 3 here:







Sharing Knowledge, Networking and Fun were the main motto of this 4 days event. It was the very best moment of life. Time to say Good Bye to everyone. Will meet with you again next year.

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