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Microsoft released Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 on 26th July 2011. This is the first version of the product. You already known about this but those who are new to this product, let me tell about it first. This is a new tool for building data-driven Silverlight Application using Visual Studio IDE. It automatically generates the User Interface for a Data Source targeted for the desktop and cloud by writing a minimal code.


In this post, I am going to share the download links (both Web and Offline installer), as well as some good resources to jump start with this tool.


Know about LightSwitch

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is a flexible, business application development tool that aides developers of all skill levels to quickly create and deploy desktop and web business applications. With timesaving tools and templates, and an intuitive development environment, Visual Studio LightSwitch helps speed the development and reduces the complexity of everything from UI design to Windows Azure Cloud Deployment.


Now with Visual Studio LightSwitch it is finally practical to build affordable, scalable custom software solutions that bridge the gaps between existing systems and provide comprehensive, user-friendly views of your business data. For more information on Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 visit LightSwitch Official Site.


Download Visual Studio LightSwitch RTM

You can download the final product of the first release of LightSwitch from here:

Remember that, this is not a free product and hence the downloaded version will have a trial limit of 30 days with the option to register it for another 60 days.


If you are a MSDN Subscriber, you can download it from the Subscriber's download page for FREE. Before installing this product read the System Requirements and other Known Issues mentioned in the Official Readme Document.


Read before Installation

Before installing this product, make sure that you are aware of these below mentioned points:

  • Visual Studio LightSwitch can be install as Standalone application if you don't have Visual Studio already available. In other case, if you have Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher already installed in your PC, LightSwitch will automatically integrate with that IDE.


  • If you have any version of Visual Studio 2010 other than SP1 final on your machine, you must install the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 before installing LightSwitch.


  • Any Beta versions of LightSwitch must be uninstalled before installing the RTM version of this product.


  • Beta 1 projects need to change accordingly in order to use this product but projects built with Beta 2 will open and run smoothly without any modification.


Know about LightSwitch Pricing

LightSwitch 2011 will be available for sale through the Microsoft Store starting July 28th in the Microsoft Store with a affordable price of $299 only as per the Twitter status of Visual Studio LightSwitch team:



Additional Resources

You can find additional resources on LightSwitch in the Microsoft official site. Furnishing the links of them here for you in order to jump start with this:

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