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Pune User Group in association with Microsoft is hosting a 4 days FREE training program for technology professionals in Pune. In this training program, attendees will learn about application development for Microsoft Windows Phone devices.

Registration for this training program is absolutely FREE for any technology professional, who wants to learn Windows Phone Application Development. Continue reading this post to know more about this program, session agenda and venue details. At the end, submit 3 applications and claim your FREE Windows Phone 7 device. See you all there.

Grab a Windows Phone 7 Device: How?

Pune User Group is happy to host a 4 days (28th Jan, 2012 to 25th Feb, 2012) FREE training program for technology professionals. In this training program, attendees will learn about application development for Microsoft Windows Phone devices. Registration for this training program is absolutely FREE. Read FAQs to know more about this Training program.

Here are few steps those you need to perform to grab a new Windows Phone 7 device from this training program:
    1. Register for App Hub. *
    2. Register on "iunlockJoy" website.
    3. Register for PUG WP Development 4 Days Training Program (FREE)
    4. Get ready with your laptops - Download and install WP SDK.
    5. Attend PUG WP Development Training (Ref. Agenda for details).
    6. Complete your First App and publish it to Marketplace.
    7. Receive the Gift voucher almost equivalent to App Hub Fees you paid.
    8. Build 2 more Apps and publish them to Marketplace.
    9. Claim your Windows Phone device at "iunlockJoy" Website.
* $99 for 1 Year Subscription for App Hub account - (Offer for training participant: after submitting your first App, you will receive a gift voucher equivalent to this subscription fees.)

Agenda of the Training Program

Here is the detailed agenda of the training program. It may change in future. So, visit the official site to get the updated agenda.

Day 1 Saturday, 28th January, 2012 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  Introduction to PUG Event / Terms and condition / Program flow.
  Setting-up Development Environment.
  Developer Account Registration Process.
  Understanding Windows Phone Development Tools.
  Understanding Silverlight for Windows Phone Application Development.
  User Interface Designing for Windows Phone.
  Send SMS From Your First Application
Day 2 Saturday, 04th February, 2012 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  Windows Phone Application Execution Model.
  Application bar, Themes and Styles.
  Launchers and Choosers
Day 3 Saturday, 11th February, 2012 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  Web Services and Data on Windows Phone.
  Using Accelerometer.
  Integrating media content into phone applications.
  Working with Camera and Photos.
  Building Location Based Services
Day 4 Saturday, 25th February, 2012 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  Performance and Debugging of Windows Phone Applications.
  Testing Application for Certification Guidelines.
  Submitting Your Application

 The updated Agenda is available here:

Training Location

If you want to attend this training program hosted by Pune User Group (PUG), register for the event (details available at the top of this post) and come to the training location mentioned below:

Shekhar Natu Training Hall,
MCCIA Trade Tower, 505, A-Wing, 5th floor,
International Conventional Center,
403, Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune, 411 016,

Visit the official page: for more details about the training program, speakers, agenda and faqs. Only professionals are eligible for this program, students are not allowed.

If you have any queries, visit:

Do you have more questions/suggestions? Contact PUG group at :

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