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Few days ago, I received an offer from uCertify to review their Exam Preparation Kit and then I started reviewing 70-515 Exam .NET 4.0 Preparation Kit (PrepKit) from uCertify. In the previous post “I am reviewing 70-515 Exam .NET 4.0 Preparation Kit from uCertify” I shared few information about the product and informed that, I will share in-depth report after the review period.


Today in this blog post, I am sharing the complete review report of the Preparation Kit. Read how it will help you to prepare yourself for the Exam. Also, there is a contest available for you. Participate in the contest to win a Free License from me.


Information for the Readers:

  1. Don’t forget to participate in the contest mentioned at the end of this post. You could be the lucky winner to win a fully functional licensed copy of the Preparation Kit worth ~120$ from me.

  3. My blog followers will have a special discount. If you want to purchase the product from uCertify, contact me first and receive a discount coupon from me.


Learn and Practice Section

The “Learn & Practice” section contains a bunch of test preparation questions which you can try out before the exam. The free demo version contains a less nos. of questions but if you purchase the complete suite, you will get these many test questions:


Learn and Practice


Looks like it is sufficient for your exam preparation. You can set no. of questions, time duration and passing scores. You can also set whether to randomize the questions or not from the initial page.



It has option for you whether to start the test in “Test Mode” or “Learn Mode”. You can retake this tests as many time as you want.


It has plenty of questions to learn and test your skills. In the learn mode, it defines the questions, the correct answers and the explanation of the answers. This not only describes the correct answer but also describes the wrong answers with proper code examples and reference to MSDN Library. I think it is enough for the users to learn and sharp their knowledge.






At the end of the exam, it clearly mentions your score card with all details including how many questions you attempted, how many were correct, your score card and whether you passes or fail. This not only gives you enough learning curve, but also helps you to test your skills.


Study Helper

The “Study Helper” section contains a bunch of study notes with few Quizzes for you to answer.


Study Helper


This section will be good to learn and test the learned knowledge. Plenty of topics are available based on your exam guide. Each section consists of chapters followed by quizzes for you to test what you have learnt.


Study Material

The “Study Material” section contains a set of study objectives, articles, how to tips, reference library, study tips etc. as shown in the below screenshot:


Study Material


I guess, this will be very useful for an user to get complete reference of the exam preparation guides. It consists of all topics clearly defined, well structured with proper explanation & code examples. This section could replace the necessity of books to prepare for the exam.


Track your Progress

Finally you need to track your learning progress. This “Track your Progress” section has a list of test history for you to review your performance in any test, test readiness report and objective readiness report.


Track your Progress


Test history lists out all the records with proper links to review the test and other options listed below:




This is a well structured section to give you an overview of your overall progress for your exam preparation.



After going thru the application for few days I will say that it is very easy to use, a handy guide for all certification related topics, queries, practice guides etc. This will help users to replace their multiple books with this small but useful application. But I will still recommend use of books to understand the technology in depth.


Questions and material wise, it has a huge database for you to go with either in learning mode or in test mode. The free demo version has limitations on no. of topics and questionnaire but as a registered user, you will get them very easily. I will recommend using this application to all (who can effort buying it) to not only pass the exam, but also improve their technical knowledge on specified topics.


Though the application is very easy to use, but still few improvements needed in terms of usability and UI. But that’s really negligible when it comes to learning and preparation for examination. That’s why I can give a 4.5 rating to the application out of 5. Hope, in future they will improve the application interactions more and add more topics and questionnaire for the end user.


Try the Demo : Buy it Now

The uCertify Test Preparation Kit is an interactive software for you to study for your .Net Certification Exam. The software consists of 349 questions with full explanations, Chapter by Chapter Study Guide, Interactive quizzes and Study Notes and Test History and Performance Review.


You can try out the demo version of the software and if you like, you can purchase it with from below link and get a discount now:



Your price: INR 5,362.98 Original Price: INR 6,256.89, Save 14.00%
Your price: USD 119.99 Original Price: USD 139.99, Save 14.00%



My Blog readers will have a special discount. If you want to purchase the product, contact me first to get a discount coupon.


Participate in the Contest and Win the License for FREE

Don’t want to purchase? Want to win the license for Free? Ok, here is a chance for you as the reader of my blog. I am giving you one opportunity to win the USD $119.99 (Rs. 5,362.98 INR) license for free.


Here are the steps to participate in the contest:

    1. Download the demo from the above mentioned link.
    2. Go thru the application, read the free chapters and attempt few tests from the Kit.
    3. Write a review of the Preparation Kit by your own.
    4. Send the review report to me as an word document or live writer file with images and/or whatever you want.

I will publish your review in my blog and the best entry could win the license for free.


So, why are you waiting for? Just browse through the link and download the application now. Write your review and send it to me. Who knows, you could be the winner and grab the fully functional application from me!!!


Last but not least, connect with me on Twitter and Facebook for technical updates and articles news. Also subscribe to my blog’s Newsletter to get all the updates delivered directly to your inbox. We won’t spam or share your email address as we respect your privacy.

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