“Wallpaper Downloader” - My First WP7 Application in the Marketplace

My first Windows Phone 7 is now in the Marketplace. It is a small application to fetch images and provide option to the user to save that image to the WP7 device so that you can set it as Phone background.


Find the link mentioned below in the post and download it in your WP7 mobile for free. Don’t forget to provide your Review.


When you launch the app, it will fetch images from server and show them in your mobile screen once loaded. You will be able to scroll the image list and select a specific image of your choice. Tap and Hold the image and this will popup a context menu in the screen, when tapped it will save the image in your Media Library.







Future Improvements:

  • Provide an option to search specific image category
  • Provide an option to go directly to the phone’s Media Library
  • Show a message to the user mentioning the Wallpaper has been saved to local media library

Last but not least. This is my first Phone 7 application in the Marketplace. Don’t forget to share your reviews and suggestions, which will help me to provide much better application for you in future. Thank you in advance for your continuous support.

Kunal Chowdhury
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