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Monthly Summary - March 2012

Here comes the “ Monthly Summary ” post of March 2012. It was a hectic time for me and was busy with personal stuffs. During March 2012, I... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Here comes the “Monthly Summary” post of March 2012. It was a hectic time for me and was busy with personal stuffs. During March 2012, I have published 9 blog posts, mainly on Windows Phone 7 development along with a good news that I have been officially added as the Telerik Insider.


In this post, sharing all the posts in category wise sorted for you, so that, you can find them easily from here.


Community News

Few community related news posts were published during March 2012 and here is the list:

    1. Download Visual Studio 11 Beta (Standalone/Offline Installer)
    2. Now I am a Telerik Insider


Articles and Tips

Here is a list of few Windows Phone 7 articles/tips. If you want to learn about Launchers and Choosers, these links will be useful:

    1. How to search in the WP7 Marketplace using the MarketplaceSearchTask?
    2. How to Launch the WP7 Marketplace Hub using the MarketplaceHubTask?
    3. How to Launch the WP7 Application Details Page using the MarketplaceDetailTask?
    4. How to Launch the WP7 Media Library using the PhotoChooserTask?
    5. How to Save Contact in WP7 using the SaveContactTask?
    6. How to Retrieve Contact Information in WP7 using the AddressChooserTask?


Previous Archives

Finally comes the previous months archive posts. If you missed them, here it is just for your reference:

    1. Monthly Summary - February 2012
    2. Monthly Summary - January 2012
    3. Monthly Summary - December 2011
    4. Monthly Summary - November 2011
    5. Monthly Summary - October 2011
    6. Monthly Summary - September 2011


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