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During September 2011, we have seen a no. of product releases by Microsoft including Silverlight 5 RC, Expression Blend 5 Preview, Windows 8 Developer Preview, Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and Windows Phone 7.1 SDK Final. It was a busy month, no doubt. I also did a no. of posts (26) in my blog which has 15 articles.


In this post, I am going to share all the posts submitted here in my blog as separate category. This will help you to find out the proper post that you are searching in my blog.


News and Downloads

Let’s start with the “News and Downloads” category. Though we have seen a no. of product releases during this month, but I have some posts on the release news which includes direct links to download those products. If you didn’t yet download them, find the links of the post below. There you will get all the supportive links for the downloadable softwares.

    1. Silverlight 5 Release Candidate is now Available - Download Silverlight 5 RC
    2. Expression Blend 5 Preview for Silverlight 5 RC is Now Available
    3. Download Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview (MSDN and Public)
    4. Download ISO / Offline Installer of Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
    5. Download Windows Phone 7.1 SDK RTW (All Language Web/Offline Installer)



I have couple of announcements here in September 2011. I received the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award from Telerik for this quarter and also received a “Valued Blogger” tag from WindowsPhoneGeek community. I arranged one giveaway contest of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight and LightSwitch license with the help of Telerik team and announced the winner of the contest. Let’s congratulate Zeze Lazo Irus for winning the contest.

    1. Now I am a Telerik MVP (Most Valuable Professional)
    2. Announcing Winner of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight and LightSwitch Contest



This is the main section of the post. During September, I published 15 articles in my blog on various topics like Silverlight, LightSwitch, Windows Phone 7 and Telerik products. If you didn’t read them till now, you can find the collection here. Go and find the best article of your choice. Don’t forget to leave your feedback about these articles here in the Comments Page. Will be very happy to read more from you.

    1. What's New in Silverlight 5 RC - Elevated Trust Settings for Out-of-Browser and In-Browser
    2. Telerik RadChartControl for LightSwitch Application - Day 1 - Setup the Screen
    3. Telerik RadChartControl for LightSwitch Application - Day 2 - Integrating Chart Control
    4. Telerik RadChartControl for LightSwitch Application - Day 3 - Giveaway Contest
    5. What's New in Silverlight 5 RC - Invoking "Run" Dialog from In-Browser Silverlight Application
    6. What's New in Silverlight 5 RC - Create Directory from Browser using PInvoke
    7. TeamPulse - A Project Management Solution from Telerik
    8. How to Create a New Telerik TeamPulse Project?
    9. How to Setup Sprint or Iterations in a Telerik TeamPulse Project?
    10. Step-by-Step Tutorial to Setup Windows8 in VMWare
    11. Solution for “Tool makepri.exe cannot be found. Please install Windows Modern SDK”
    12. Solution for “The program can't start because MFPlat.dll is missing from your computer”
    13. Know About WP7 System Tray - Tips to Show or Hide it
    14. What is Frame Rate Counter in WP7?
    15. Why the Frame Rate Counter is not Available in my WP7 Emulator?


News Digest of SilverlightZone

Finally here comes the Weekly News Digest of which I publish every Sunday morning. Each post contains “Top 5 Links” of the week followed by seven “Daily News Digest” page link of that week. If you want to know about the top links of the month, find them here:

    1. Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 28-August-2011 to 03-September-2011
    2. Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 04-September-2011 to 10-September-2011
    3. Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 11-September-2011 to 17-September-2011
    4. Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 18-September-2011 to 24-September-2011


Follow Me and Stay Tuned

Starting 3rd October 2011, I am going to kick-off another contest in my blog and at the end of the contest I am going to give 2 copies of SQL books authored by Pinal Dave. So stay tuned to my blog for more updates on the same topic and don’t forget to take part of the contest. 2 copies of the book to win!!


At the last note, follow my blog for latest updates on Articles, Tips & Tricks and News. I am also available in various social networking sites. Stay tuned with me for all updates. Here is a list of links that you can subscribe:

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